A brief summary.

Hey I'm a tripfag and i don't care. I contribute sometimes and I lurk on /who/ most of the time. I don't really have ultra high TV show standards like a lot of the people that lurk on /who/ so if I seem to defend pretty much anything in the slightest now you know why. I like to look to the positive side of things except Kill the fucking Moon and Sleep no fucking More fuck those shits.

Dealing with me

Feel free to call me out on my autistic reddit-tier meltdown ™ on every single thread i post in! Also remember to call me an underage spammer, that I have an enormous ego by tripping, and that I derail threads.


  • I'm an underage spammer cause I posted the same Jenna pic a total of 2 times on different days on different threads, While my autistic reddit-tier meltdown ™ has been posted 11+ times, even twice in the same day by some anon.
  • I only brought up the ban talk myself once.
  • I did break global rules 8 and 9. I won;t pretend like I didn't
  • If you unironically get triggered by someone having a name on 4chan you aren't cut out for it.

Pages I've made or had heavy influence on