I am an Aussie trip on /who/. Some articles of mine are an attempted explanation of the bizarre Roblox Doctor Who Series, the horrific Disney XD S2 Trailer, most of the Murray Gold musical themes page, and the history of Twinkanon and the Secret Trip Discord drama.

I also make audios out of my Shit Trips, mixing my narration with extracts from the episodes/audios, and adding sound effects and music. These are all my ones from Shit Trips 2. I will probably get around to doing my Shit Trips 2.5 ones one day.

The Stolen Regeneration - What if 10 had regenerated into 11 in the Series 4 finale? 7 minutes.

The Tenth Hour - What if 10 hadn't regenerated in The End of Time, but went on to be in Series 5 alongside Amy, as Moffat originally planned? 15 minutes.

The Parting of the Crisps - How did Moffat's attempts to convince Eccleston to come back for the 50th "really" go? 6 minutes.

Time Enough and World - What if 12 and 8 were brought together, only to be forced to live through their very darkest days? Part 1 of a two-parter. Spoilers for 8's audios. 49 minutes.

The Doctor Rises - What if 12 and 8 were brought together, only to learn what defined their greatest triumphs? Part 2 of a two-parter. Spoilers for 8's audios. 52 minutes.

Thrice Upon a Time - What if Heather/the space oil was the final form of the Cybermen from the colony ship? 27 minutes.


The War of the Doctor - What if the Bad Wolf tried to "fix" the Doctor, but in the process splintered off dozens of alternate timelines that explained inconsistencies like 8 originally regenerating into 9, or the Doctor originally actually using the Moment? Spoilers for 8’s audios. 1 hour, 10 minutes.

ST2 Megamix: The War of the Doctor Rises - What if all these ST2 audios were connected, and this megamix added linking transitions and new scenes to show how they’re all one continuous story? Spoilers for 8’s audios. 4 hours.