Tumblr is populated by gay cripples and I say it as a nerd
Osgood was the "face of the fandom" according to folk on tumblr.
The Moffat solution.
This is canon.
lyke dis if u cry everytiem
This speaks for itself.
Yet another example, clearly from before Jodie came along.
Sure, this one’s from DeviantArt, but that’s essentially the same as tumblr except with pictures, and probably even more Rule 34 art. For bonus cringe, read the artist’s description and the comments here. Then erase it from your browser history.

Tumblr is the opposite of /who/, but an ironic, dark mirror opposite, like the Mattress. It is a racist, sexist, hateful place and I hope you never go there. Officially ruined the image of Doctor Who which used to be a respectable show for British children and middle-aged neckbeards.

Occasionally Tumblreenas make their way onto this wiki and wipe pages of offensive or satirical content because they lack any sense of humour and think this is supposed to be a sincere wiki.


Tumblr is populated by SJWs who get off on the idea of RTD sodomising David Tennant with Billie Piper whipping them both. They despise current showruiner Meven Stoffat whom they consider to be the Antichrist to women's rights, non-whites and the gays.

If you are from Tumblr, pls go and stay go.

Tumblr got fucking murdered by The Mattress in an otherwise shitty finale. Unfortunately she returned and there's now two of her.

Tumblr Vs. 4chan

While the two sides seem to be at war they actually share a bit of similarities. While they both have polar opposite surfaces, with one being considerably more dank, the underbellies of both are filled with people who never stop complaining, neo-nazis (check your Nazi privilege, I identify as Gestapokin) and an easy access to perverted shit. However, 4chan has the advantage of creating Doctor Who General, and thus wins by default.

On The Bright Side...

A typical example of some Tumblr Master Bait.

Baiting fangirls with jokes about fictional events is an infinite mining resource of kek.

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