The Woman Who Fell to Earth

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If this is what they wanted the BBC could have had Toby Whithouse for far cheaper.
The Woman Who Fell to Earth
But the fool on the hillSees the sun going downAnd the eyes in her headSee the world spinning round  Wait, that's completely the wrong song...
But the fool on the hill
Sees the sun going down
And the eyes in her head
See the world spinning round

Wait, that's completely the wrong song...

Season: 11
Episode: 1
Vital statistics
Air date 7 October 2018
Written by Chris Chinball
Directed by Jamie Childs
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Twice Upon A Time The Ghost Monument
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The Doctor prepares to demonstrate her Crane Technique.

7/10 It's alright.

The David Bowie Reference is the big premiere of Lucky 13. It introduces us to her ambulatory meat, namely Graham, his wife Grace (no, not that one), Ryan and Yaz.




I can't believe, after all that, I have to make a new page on Predator.

The Tooth Fairy is revealed to be none other than the sinister Tim Shaw, a sleazy, violent, and amoral politician who is cheating in order to become leader and is facing off against a blonde woman everyone loves. His pet tentacle monster was a great design, though.

In a classic moment of Chibnall Cheek, the title character is not actually the Doctor but instead Grace, who takes a fatal fall from five feet high.


The Doctor repeats her speech from The Twomb of the Cybermen about her family being in her mind, but this time it's not written as well.

Despite the Bowie reference in the title, there is zero Bowie lore in the episode.