The Sirens of Time

The Sirens of Time
Vital statistics
Range Main Range
Release number MOTHAFUCKIN 1, BITCH
Release date July 1999
Writer Nicholas Briggs
Doctor Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor & Seventh Doctor
Publication order
Previous Next
Decades of empty nothingness Phantasmagoria

Awh yea man, The Sirens of Time. The first Big Finish ear story ever that finally broke the silence that was the Wilderness years. GET HYPE!

Or not, because it's shit.


Fivey, Pies and Manlet all land in a severely underdeveloped setting, meet some chick, and go through a brief uninteresting half hour long adventure where they fuck up at the end, allowing some mutated one dimensional beings called the sirens of time to invade Gallifrey, until the Doctors do a thing and they all fuck off.


Okay, it's not the worst thing ever, just... largely mediocre. Seven's episode is a snorefest. Fivey's episode is sort of alright but feels aimless. Six's episode is a load of meh. The final part is the most interesting because we actually get some multi-Doctor interaction and discover what all the mind-numbingly dull shit we just went through was all about, but it still feels oh so dreary and anticlimactic.

It was a decent way to kickstart the series of wonderful ear stories that we're still getting to this day, but nothing more.