The Lost Season 2

The Lost Season II
RIP Season 27.
RIP Season 27.
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Like Band Aid, but with Earth.
The Doctor deals with his crippling meth addiction.

The Lost Season 2 is the 1989 sequel to The Lost Season.


The Lost Season 2 (aka. The Abandoned Season 27) was the planned 1990 season of Doctor Who. It was murdered by Michael Grade and the 1989 cancellation and instead we got the The Wilderness Years.

It probably would've been a reminder that The Other, but now we'll never know.

Lost stories

  • Earth Aid by Ben Aaronovitch: A Star Trek parody with insect aliens and Stonehenge, which cleverly makes the point that we grow enough food to feed the whole world if not for Margaret Thatcher.
  • Ice Time by Marc Platt: Ice Warriors vs. hippies in the London Dungeon, with a NuWho-style recurring companion introduced. The Doctor drops Ace off on Gallifrey to study to become the future of the Time Lords.
  • Crime of the Century by Ben Aaronovitch: A bank heist in space. It starts with new companion Julia Sawalha (daughter of the recurring companion) cracking open a safe on Earth and finding the Doctor inside asking "What took you so long?" But that means a bank heist in space is a stupid idea for the rest of the plot. Don't worry, Ben'll think of something better later.
  • Animal by Andrew Cartmel: Animal experimentation is bad, you guys.
  • Illegal Alien by Mike Tucker: Bumped from season 26 because it was too similar to The Curse of Fenric.
  • Cat's Cradle by Marc Platt: Looms! Already canceled even before the show was canceled.
  • Avatar by David McIntee: H.P. Lovecraft vs. The Evil Dead. The Doctor goes crazy and commits suicide and regenerates into the Doctor, but not the one you were expecting.


Some of the missing stories later got turned into Virgin New Adventures, plus Briggs Finish made them into ear stories.

In the audios, there's no Cartmel Masterplan stuff - Ace sticks around the whole time, the new companion is replaced by a different character Cartmel invented years later for the comics or the VNAs but never used in either, and the Doctor doesn't regenerate. Also, they couldn't find the scripts for some of them, so they're based on Cartmel and friends' vague memories two decades years later. But otherwise, exactly the same as Season 27 would have been.

Other Lost Stories

Big Finish couldn't find any other missing seasons of the show no matter how hard they looked, but they did find some other stuff lying around in boxes, like a spec script written by a guy who'd only seen the first episode, and a story that had been rewritten and re-rejected every season from 18 to 22. They did at least include the legendary lost story from season 6Prison in Space, but the adapted audio version isn't about Zoe leading a sexual revolution on a female-dominated planet until the Doctor saves the day by giving her a sound spanking on the bottom while Jamie disguises himself as a woman by not wearing a kilt, so really, what's the point?