The Hand of Fear

The Hand of Fear
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Season: 14
Episode: 5
Vital statistics
Air date 2 - 23 October 1976
Written by Bob Baker & Dave Martin
Directed by Lennie Mayne
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The Masque of Mandragora The Deadly Assassin
Sarah and her marital aid.

The Hand of Fear is the GOAT second story of Season 14 and is famous for being the final regular appearance of one of the best companions ever.


Tom barfing over the Rule 34 that was instantly created the second the curvy and feminine Eldrad walked onscreen.

There's a hand... of fear! Basically it's a chunk of an executed alien criminal known as Eldrad, who possesses Sarah and uses her to get into a nuclear reactor, feed on the radiation and regain its full form once again. The Doctor agrees to take Eldrad to her home planet, but once there she has a Sex Change Regeneration (and yes they do say that Time Lords' regenerations are the same so don't blame Moffuck or Chinball on this one) and turns into a cunt who's defeated by tripping over the Doctor's scarf.


Goodbye, my Sarah Jane.

Oh shit... Gimme a moment, I need a tissue for this...

The end of the story sees Sarah pissed at the Doctor because of the hectic lifestyle she leads as a time traveler and threatens to go home, running off to pack her bags. The Doctor meanwhile receives a call from Gallifrey and has to leave Sarah on Earth as humans aren't allowed there. He tells her this, and it's then we realise that Sarah didn't actually want to leave, and we discover just how much the Doctor really means to her and vice versa. Holy crap, it's powerful stuff. No overdramatic music, no key words connected to their final meeting place, just actors doing what they do best. Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen knock it out of the fucking park here, and every one of their lines in this scene is memorable and iconic.

Until we meet again, Sarah...