The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
Doctor Whohattan
Doctor Whohattan
Season: 25
Episode: 4
Vital statistics
Air date 14 December 1988 - 4 January 1989
Written by Stephen Wyatt
Directed by Alan Wareing
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You wanna know how I got these scars?
Trained by Savile himself.
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The Greatest Show in the Galaxy was a vision had by the Seventh Doctor that convinced him his show had to be destroyed in order for it to survive. It was a resounding success.

It stars Sylvester McCoy as Radagast and Sophie Aldred as Aces.


Ace and the Doctor are banging on the console when suddenly the Doctor gets junk mail: a little probe telling him to come to the Psychic Circus, where KISS will be playing. They land and immediately encounter a series of ludicrous characters, each connected to the show:

And when I say "the show", I of course mean the titular one.

It eventually unfolds that the Psycho Circus landed on a creepy planet, somehow right on top of a portal to another realm where THE GODS OF RAGNAROK reign supreme. They took over the show, and blah blah blah stuff that's not as satisfying as a metaphor for the downfall of Doctor Who.

In the end, the Doctor kills the BBC and informs a young gay man and a feral woman from a barbaric land that they have to start the show over. He then leaves.

... okay, no, it wasn't the last episode of the series, but oh man, that would have made an even better story.


Not as good as I think it should be.

Also, the Ringmaster looks like Obama.

...fuck you, I'm not racist.