The Great Wiki Deletion

The only official explanantion from the Wiki administration

Days come and go. Fads rise and fall. We're all different people, when you think about it, we all change. The Wiki was actually deleted. You can't get attached, you can't get bogged down, man. All pleasure and powers is fleeting, we all know this, but I dread to wonder, is it all hindsight as well?


Wikia FANDOM (lol) is a milquetoast website, treasured for its low barrier to entry and its interconnected nature. What it's not treasured for is fortitude regarding controversial content. And really, what's more controversial than liking Donna, I ask you?

I mean, besides allegations of harassment, abuse, and hosting pirated files on their servers? You know, normal stuff.

Event Zero

Here lies the record of the Great Wiki Deletion, the day they finally did it, the absolute madmen.

Until actual explanation is offered by the staff of Wikia, which it absolutely never will be, we have to construct what we can from the data that remains. What is known is that in the months leading up to the Great Deletion, the staff of Wikia had issued notice regarding the high amount of harassment and abuse claims being made against the Wiki, most likely due to Neon Visual and Adam Orford. As community standards editors investigated the wiki, they also noticed the colorful use of faggots, I mean, of language. The staff of Wikia looked upon the behavior of the Wiki and they decreed No More. Despite the fact that a surprising percentage of the Wiki users and admins came forward as being LGBT, autistic, or both, the Wiki was formally put on notice. We were informed to clean up our act, and, gosh darnit, we tried.

Let the record show. We tried.

Anyways, it wasn't enough and then one day it just was gone. September 11th, 2018. Our 9/11. An anon pointed out it was gone, and none of the admins ever got forewarning or explanation. Oddly, the wiki dump (heh) was made available to anyone who cared to visit the URL, which doesn't really fit with their community guidelines, but who's going to look a gift whore in the mouth?


The days of Wikia and its comfortable anonymity were no more. And, in our desperation, we turned to a man we didn't fully understand. The Great Wiki Migration began, and then it was now, and then I don't know what happened.