First Golden Age of Doctor Who

You're a clumsy, ham fisted idiot.
— The first words of the Golden Age.

Golden Age, get hype.
The final story of the Golden Age.

The First Golden Age of Doctor Who was the period of the program in which Philip Hinchcliffe and Robert Holmes oversaw production of the series. It was marked by moody atmosphere, clever writing, blatant plagiarism, gothic horror, and effective use of resources.


The only person who did not orgasmically love the Golden Age was Mary Whitehouse, who saw it as an opportunity for Robert Holmes to molest children and transform them into serial killers. Unfortunately, Whitehouse happened to have compromising photos of the BBC controller at the time, which resulted in Hinchcliffe suddenly being reassigned to another program, thus marking the ascension of Graham Williams, and the end of the First Golden Age.


The program began a decline in quality that would not cease until Season 25, but by then it was already too late. So enjoy The Deadly Assassin but remember, it ultimately got the series cancelled, just like Robert Holmes wanted.

Good trick, eh? I venture the great Li H'sen Chang himself would have appreciated that.
— The last words of the Golden Age.