The Evil of the Daleks

The Evil of the Daleks
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Season: 4
Episode: 9
Vital statistics
Air date 20 May 1967

27 May - 1 July 1967

Written by David Whitaker
Directed by Derek Martinus
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The Faceless Ones The Tomb of the Cybermen

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The Evil of the Daleks is basically just Casablanca, but with Humphrey Bogart replaced with a nice Dalek and the Nazis replaced with the other Daleks. Moreso than usual, anyway.

One episode left

Of the 7 episodes of the story, 6 are missing. Thanks Beeb.

Alchemical Resonances

The Doctor and the Daleks get up to another zany caper involving steampunk time machines (later to turn up in Turn Left, somehow) and a victorian antiquities scam that vaguely resembles City of Death. Cutie companion Victoria joins the cast, and Jamie gets in a tussle with a turk. Oh, and Daleks are kill.