Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death

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Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death is a 1999 special episode of Doctor Who produced for Red Nose Day. It stars Rowan Atkinson, Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant, and Joanna Lumley as the Doctor, Jonathan Pryce as the Master, and Julia Sawalha as the companion. It was written, and this is true, by BRAVO MOFFAT.


We'll explain later.


As we stand here, having celebrated ten years of shit, we're forced to look back and ask the hard question: if there had never been a Curse of Fatal Death, would there be a NuWho?

Probably, yeah.

Received a sequel, prequel another story that happens during the story in Shit Trips 2.5. As you may have guessed, it was shit.

That said, literally everything this episode predicts comes to pass. Farting aliens, sex-change regeneration, the Doctor getting married, the Doctor retiring, timey-wimey, I'll explain later, The Matress getting redeemed, 9 getting too attached to a companion who then fancies 10 more, 10 licking things, 11 being an idiot around women, 12 being the sexiest motherfucker to ever walk the planet, and 13 being a woman. And remember that all powerful energy weapon the Daleks had developed, that would allow them to conquer the universe in a matter of minutes? What was it called? The Z-Neutrino Energy beam? Or the Zectronic Energy beam? What does the Z stand for, I wonder? Eh? Eh? Hell, Moffat didn't ever write that one.

A week after the special aired, Doctor Who writer Lawrence Miles contacted BBC Books editor Stephen Cole with an idea for a novel sequel focusing on Joanna Lumley's Thirteenth Doctor; Cole had already received a different Thirteenth Doctor pitch from David A. McIntee that weekend. Titled The War, Miles's novel would have taken place during the time war alluded to in Miles's Eighth Doctor Adventures novels. Miles planned to take advantage of the BBC's catalogue of characters, mostly those from 1970s and 1980s sitcoms: with the war causing alternative timelines to overlap, the Doctor would have found herself in a concentration camp on Earth along with strays from other realities, such as Norman Stanley Fletcher from Porridge. In a pastiche of war story clichés, the heroes would have been betrayed by "Mrs. Slocombe's pussy", a running joke in Are You Being Served? which would have been revealed as a conceptual entity working for the Enemy, the Time Lords' unseen opponents. At the story's climax, the Doctor and Captain Mainwaring from Dad's Army would have led a suicidal "Light Brigade"-style assault on the Enemy's base. Cole never replied, which Miles has attributed to Cole mistaking the submission for a joke.

(See that? I just copy/pasted that direct from Wikipedia. Because nothing I could possibly add to that could possibly make it any funnier or more absurd than it already is.)

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