The Capaldick

Bring the pain.
Various sightings.
And who can blame her?
Jenna and Capaldi
Sittin' in a tree

The Capaldick belongs to Peter Capaldick and is rumored to be comparable in size to a giant anaconda. Recent measurements indicate it is almost 28 feet long with a girth of 44 inches.


The Capaldick is a solitary creature, somewhat shy and not easily seen. Although it is usually well camouflaged, there are some historical reports of early European explorers of the South American jungles seeing a Capaldick up to 100 feet long and some of the native people have reported seeing a Capaldick growing to 500 feet long.


The Capaldick reaches its monumental size on a diet of companions, monsters and real live animals including wild pigs, deer, birds, turtles, and even jaguars. The Capaldick is nonvenomous, coiling its muscular body around captured prey and squeezing until the person/animal asphyxiates. The jaws of the Capaldick allow it to swallow its prey whole, no matter the size, and it can go weeks or months without food after a big meal.

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The Capaldick spots its next victim.
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Sadly, Clara's fat arse so thoroughly strangled and consumed the Capaldick that, after a period of drying out, it finally inverted as he regenerated into Lucky 13.

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