The Brain of Morbius

The Brain of Morbius
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Season: 13
Episode: 5
Vital statistics
Air date 3 January - 24 January 1976
Written by Terrance Dicks & Robert Holmes
Directed by Christopher Barry
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Morbius was a Time Lord and the series' first "Double Dalek."
Condo retired from acting in 1989 and today writes the monthly column on dating advice for men Find Girl, Girl Pretty for Maxim magazine.

The Brain of Morbius is the fifth serial of Season 13 of Doctor Frankenstein.


It's a Four and Mary Jane story where they visit Karn (revisited in The Night of the Doctor) and meet the Sisterhood of Karn for the first time.

It also reveals The Morbius Doctors.


The writer credit is given to Robin Bland, a pseudonym for scriptwriter Terrance Dicks and then-current script editor Robert Holmes.

Liz Sladen ad libbed the line where she said she preferred the Third Doctor. Too much whiskey dick made her long for the Pertwurst.

The story according to Condo

brain of morbius is story five from doctor who, season thirteen. fans vote thirteen best season. condo think brain story comfy. condo tell you brain story, you hear it. condo not good with words but story good.

morbius evil timelord. timelords kill morbius for badness, but solon save morbius brain in jar and take to castle. solon not good to condo. condo not know why solon not nice to condo. condo help solon make new body for morbius. solon still mean to condo, take condo hand and give to morbius, give condo hook.

doctor and pretty sarah meet solon and condo. solon pretend be friends, but want doctor head for new body for morbius. doctor also meet sisterhood of karn. sisters not like timelords, sisters not like solon, sisters not like morbius. sisters have elixir of life but it not come from rock like should. sisters think timelords stop elixir from rock and try burn doctor, but doctor escape. doctor find solon and condo in castle, making new body for morbius. solon hide morbius from doctor, solon hide morbius from sisterhood, solon hide morbius from condo. but pretty sarah is blind and find morbius. condo not sure how that work, but ok.

doctor fix elixir not coming from rock with firecracker. solon shoot condo with gun. morbius kill condo with claw. doctor kill solon with gas. doctor and morbius hook up brain fight machine for brain fight. doctor shows eight faces before his first face.

condo say this canon.

morbius brain get hurt, morbius now angry monster. morbius fall off cliff. end of brain story.

not end for condo. condo have script with doctor eight. vengeance of condo. condo and doctor eight make it in basement soon.


The Morbius Doctors aren't canon, but if they were, this and The Deadly Assassin, both by Robert Holmes (kinda), would make 4 the second-to-last Doctor, with Caves thus being the last episode of the series. A finale written by the writer of the two prior episodes, and directed by one of the Morbius Doctors. Honestly, given everything that happened afterwards, maybe the Morbius Doctors should be canon.

Also the space witches were retconned into causing nuwho to happen or something, I dunno.