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You've discovered Television, haven't you? Then by showing an enormous building on your television screen, you can do what seemed impossible!
The Doctor explains how the TARDIS can be bigger on the inside

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>he still watches TV

TV (aka. television, telly, the idiot's lantern) is a magic box that shows pictures and sound. It is a tool of Satan and is most likely powered by voodoo. In 2013 79% of the world's households owned a TV. The other 21% entertain themselves by masturbating.


Television was invented by Professor Farnsworth on November 23rd 1963 for the sole purpose of transmitting Doctor Who, although other TV shows have been created since (though they are all non-canon, as is Doctor Who.) Televisions are sold exclusively by Magpie Electricals, a corporation that uses explosives and soul-stealing alien lifeforms to secure their unbreakable monopoly on the technology.

Back in the old days, TV was all live. As a result, there wasn't much interest in saving old tapes, instead figuring that if an episode needed to air again, they'd just get everyone together to remake it. In fact, actors would sometimes die while shows were broadcasting, and the show would have to either recast the actor between scenes or else be rewritten to adjust for the actor's absence. This in fact happened on Doctor Who during a particularly dull serial called The Tenth Planet, resulting in the first Regeneration.

As of the advent of the Internet (and Netflix in particular), TV's days are numbered, and it's not a big number, either.



Notable TV

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