TARDIS Data Core

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Uncertain canonicity.

Next time you question yourself for obsessing over a British children’s programme, check out the TARDIS Dildo Corps wiki and realize you’re still a reasonably balanced individual. Seriously ridiculous, and perhaps a bigger joke than our wiki as they play it with a straight face as they put the “tard” in “TARDIS.”


The TARDIS Data Cunts wiki's 'random page' feature has notoriously been rendered completely fucking useless by innumerable single-line entries for a character that made a two-panel appearance in some stupid comic back in 1992, or the guy who did the lighting during The Tenth Planet (it was Howard King in case you were wondering. Which you weren’t). "Pages were rectangular pieces of paper, used to display text or pictures. The Fifth Doctor once read from a page (COMIC: Arse of the Daleks)." At least it's better than Wookieepedia in that regard.

Truly, those are the worst sorts of Doctor Who fans and their both manic and meaningless pack-ratting of Doctor Who trivia on the ‘Tarded Data Core, bereft of wisdom’s animating spark to stay their hand with a whispered “enough, enough...” is a cautionary and pathetic spectacle, really quite pitiable in retrospect. The Tedious Data Core is also pretty damn inaccurate and left out a mention of mice on one of their pages.

TARDIS Data Cocks are also /triggered/ CANON NAZIs. They hate the VNAs because they're 3EDGE5ME, they're scared of Looms too- even though it is an established fact that they are the 2nd most canon invention in the Whoniverse- the first being Autism-causing-vaccines. They neglect Looms to the corner of Non-Canonicity because they innately relate to the Doctor's autism, and surely if he can't fuck neither can they. They hate Lawrence Miles because they know even though he probably has more Autism, he at least has the balls (or variation thereupon) to have opinions - especially on Shagger Cornell.


I'm not even going to give you a goddamned link.

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