Susan Foreman

Susan Foreman
Susan Foreman.png
Vital statistics
Played by Carole Ann Ford
Years active 1963 - 1964
Travelled with First Doctor
First story An Unearthly Child
Last story The Dalek Invasion of Earth
Previous Next
John and Gillian (These ones are totally canon, guys) Ian Chatterton

Susan Foreskin was the Other's jailbait granddaughter and was played by Carole Ann Ford, and technically still is if you count Big Finish (seriously, commit seppuku if you don't count Big Finish).


Susan first appeared in An Unearthly Child, lasting for ten stories on the show before leaving in The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

The First Doctor gave an infamous speech where he promised that one day he would come back for her. Unfortunately upon leaving he promptly forgot she ever existed. It was only when she accidentally stumbled upon Peterer Davison in The Five Doctors that he remembered to go back for her, and even then he only did that three incarnations later.


Susan had the tendency to scream at high levels and was often silenced by Ian Chatterbong's large veiny dick in her mouth. She loved her grandfather but often abused him due to his Alzheimer's allowing him to forget. Her ass was not fat. She had an incredibly weak ankle.

She currently lives on a devastated future Earth with some asshole.


Susan apparently died in 1985 after a Dalek battle, and was soon replaced by Zoe. It's canon.