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Current showruiner Steve 'Palpatine' Moffat.
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Crashing this show with no survivors.
GOAT stories.
Showruiners never die, they just regenerate.
Rusty's new minisode.
Capaldi eating the Series 9 scripts.
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Showruiner is the title of the Head Writer for Doctor Who. They have a habit of fucking the show up, but in an entirely different way from the previous showruiner.

The current showruiner is Cribbage Balls who took over from Sheev Moffat, who took over from Muscle T. Davros, who took over from Paul McGann's mum.


The showruiners are the primary recurring antagonists in the Doctor Who universe. Throughout the show's 50-year history they have been dedicated to destroying the program once and for all.

Showruiners traditionally use the title Darth before their name (ie. Darth Davies, Darth Moffat) and usually get the job by assassinating their predecessor. The showruiners are the archenemies of the Doctor, the fans and the audience.

The Three Families have been battling for control of the show since the beginning. Sheev Moffat, leader of the Moffat clan, is the current Führer of the Doctor Who Empire.

Classic Who

In the days of Classic Who the job of showruiner was split among two separate Sith Lords, the Script editor and the Producer.

In the days of NuWho these roles have been neatly funnelled into one. All are known to use Storytelling devices to achieve their evil ends.

Clearly, the way to save the show is to split the job back up. Script editor doesn't mean what it used to, so call it Lead Writer. Plenty of BBC shows have a Lead Writer. He can work out the story arc, write 5 or 6 episodes, work with the Executive Producer to pick other writers, and work with the Script editor to forge all of the stories into a cohesive whole, but he wouldn't have to do all the producing and scheduling and director wrangling and marketing and other stuff.

Imagine how much better The Moff's episodes would have been if he hadn't assigned himself 700 days of work to do in 150 days, or missed a whole year worth of episodes. Jamie Mathieson, who says he'd be a crap showrunner because he doesn't know how to do all that production stuff, would be even better. Or Paul Cornell, or Neil Gaiman, or most of the other people that fans pitch as the one true future showrunner.

Meanwhile, if RTD did all that production stuff, but only wrote an episode or two instead of writing half the season and rewriting all of the other episodes, he would have been great. Even Chibs could probably do that—hell, even Gary Russell.


Everybody on /who/ spends all day trying to decide who was the worst showruiner, but the obvious and only true answer is John Nathan-Turnip.

Showruiners, hack writers and other meddling assholes


Classic Who

Although they are many showruiners, according to anon this is all just the "wobbly set" era with no noticeable differences between them.

Totally one era.

What other shows have they ruined?


  • Dark Season (1991). 6 episodes.
  • Century Falls (1993). 6 episodes.
  • Revelations (1994-1996). 50 episodes. Co-showran with Brian B. Thompson and Tony Wood.
  • The Grand (1997-1998). 18 episodes.
  • Queer as Folk (1999-2000). 10 episodes.
  • Bob & Rose (2001). 6 episodes.
  • The Second Coming (2003). 2 episodes.
  • Mine All Mine (2004). 6 episodes.
  • Doctor Who (2005-2009). 52 episodes, 2 animated episodes, 8 specials, 15 minisodes.
  • Casanova (2005). 3 episodes.
  • Torchwood (2006-2011). 41 episodes, 1 animated episode, 1 minisode. First two series arguably co-showran with Chris Chibnall.
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007-2011). 52 episodes (26 serials), 1 special, 1 minisode. Series 2-5 co-showran with head writer Phil Ford.
  • Wizards vs Aliens (2012-2014). 36 episodes. Co-showran with Phil Ford.
  • Cucumber | Banana | Tofu (2015). 24 episodes (each series produced 8 episodes).
  • A Very English Scandal (2018). 3 episodes.
  • Years and Years (2019). 6 episodes.
  • The Boys (2020). 5 episodes.


  • Press Gang (1989-1993). 43 episodes.
  • Joking Apart (1993-1995). 13 episodes (including the pilot).
  • Chalk (1997). 12 episodes.
  • Coupling (2000-2004). 28 episodes.
  • Jekyll (2007). 6 episodes.
  • Doctor Who (2010-2017). 75 episodes, 9 specials, 39 minisodes.
  • Sherlock (2010-). Co-showran with Mark Gatiss. 12 episodes, 1 special, 1 minisode, 1 unaired pilot. In limbo.
  • Dracula (2019-). Co-showran with Mark Gatiss. 3 episodes in 2019. Perhaps more to come.
  • The Time Traveler's Wife (2020?). Unknown episodes.


  • Born and Bred (2002-2005). 36 episodes.
  • Law & Order: UK (2009-2010). Showran 13 episodes (the first two series).
  • Camelot (2011). 10 episodes. Co-showran with Michael Hirst.
  • Broadchurch (2013-2017). 24 episodes, 2 minisodes.
  • Doctor Who (2018-). 10 episodes, 1 special. Ongoing.