Figure 1.1: The creative process behind Doctor Who.
A story starts with the Showrunner (far left) developing a story concept, the writer (middle) creating the story itself, and the audience (far right) consuming the final product.
No sir, I don't like it.
Were you looking for Doctor Who? Or maybe just Doctor Who General?

Shit, also known as faeces (or feces if you're not a fucking britaboo), is the default state of all matter. The basest of elements. The most precious substance in the universe, from which all life springs. The soil from which all stories grow.


Shit is often associated with Doctor Who. But fear not the odorous embrace of shit. For only by understanding shit can we in turn understand what is GOAT.

  • Daleks were capable of transmuting themselves into shit upon reaching a certain age, though this resulted in their being confined to Skaro's sewer system. This sentient, moving, talking Dalek faeces staged a violent revolution with encouragement from the Doctor, and currently rules over Skaro in the form of a giant Dalek Emperor made entirely of turds.

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