Series 8

Season 34
"So uh, Peter you strike an enigmatic pose, and Jenna you just look like you're above it all"
"So uh, Peter you strike an enigmatic pose, and Jenna you just look like you're above it all"
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Began 23 August 2014
Ended 8 November 2014
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Fantastic team.

Doctor Who had its 50th anniversary in 2013 and established a plot arc that would continue into Series 8 Season 34: The Hunt for Marcelo Camargo.


The Doctor's new task was the search for Gallifrey, his long-lost home trapped in a hotpocket universe (of course you see none of this, because Muppet loves to introduce interesting plot threads, only to do fuck all with them. Remember how he was deleting himself from time or something? Yeah, they sure explored that concept to it's fullest, and didn't forget about it after two episodes.)

Also present in The Day of the Doctor was an early cameo of the 12th Doctor. Finally, in The Time of the Doctor, the 11th Doctor regenerated into the 12th Doctor. After a hiatus, the show returned to air and Series 8 began. Steven Moffat continued as the showruiner. Series 8 has been referred to by many titles given by /who/. These titles include the following, but are not limited to: Golden Age; GOATen Age; Platinum Age; Silver Age; Shit Age; Scotch Age; Scotch Egg and Moffat Age.

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Episodes of Series 8:

Episode Title Written by      Description
Deep Breath Steven Moffat The New Doctor lands in Victorian London and is joined by the Paternoster Gang (consisting of Lesbian Space Lizard, her Wife, and Meme Sontaran). The Doctor attempts to rescue a dinosaur, but then it is kill. A clockwork droid and his army attempt to harvest the flesh of humanity so that they may reach the Promised Land. A phone call from Footface is an emotional highlight of the episode. It also begins the arc concerning the Mattress.
Into the Dalek Phil Ford & Steven Moffat Arguably the best Dalek episode of NuWho if you're a fucking idiot, it returns back to the moral dilemmas faced previously in "Dalek" and "Jubilee" but replaces them with explosions and running down corridors. In other words, it doesn't really do anything new, but it does it well unlike most Dalek stories.
Robot of Sherwood Mark Gatiss This is a top notch episode for Gatiss, which means 4/10. Well done Gatiss. As with many Gatiss episodes, the alien aspect should have been dumped entirely. It would have created a much more enjoyable episode. The ending was also very poorly written. However, the banter between the Doctor and Robin Hood is absolutely fantastic and easily redeems many of the weaker parts of the episode.
Listen Steven Moffat Steven Moffat is back on form to his RTD-Era levels. He managed to write an episode that /who/ doesn't hate and largely loves. In the end though, nothing truly happens and it's just the Doctor being scared of possibly nothing. Pancakes also fucks with his timeline again since she is the most important companion since the previous most important companion.
Time Heist Stephen Thompson & Steven Moffat Time Heist is an all-around fun journey with the Doctor (with memory wiped clean) leading a group to rob the most secure bank in the universe. Curiously, the Bank of Karabraxos has plenty of vents that are perfect size for humans to crawl through. The episode also featured soup.
The Caretaker Gareth Roberts & Steven Moffat The Caretaker was a fun episode, and even Danny Splink was enjoyable. The Doctor doesn't "get a bit irritating" by saying he doesn't like soldiers as Pertweenie used to say stuff like that all the time and it's a character thread that is followed through this entire season, but it's all okay as the Doctor does eventually accept Danny. The biggest drawback to the episode is the wasted opportunity to include Chatterton at Coal Hill School, in other words, not much.
Kill the Moon Peter Harness Kill the Moon, more like Kill the Hype am i rite guise? This episode was overhyped by reviewers, claiming that it was an 10/10 and would be a classic. To help fuel the hype for this episode, Moffat (now infamously) told Harness to "Hinchcliffe the shit out of it". This referred to Philip Hinchcliffe, a showruiner known for bringing Doctor Who into its first Golden Age full of Gothic Horror. The hype generated for the episode resulted in a massive letdown. The plot was okay, but many of the characters were boring and there were political messages potentially hamfisted in. The science made little sense and had many autists begging to be put out of their misery. A 7/10 episode brought down to a 6/10 or lower thanks to overhyping. It's actually really good and you can all fuck right off.
Mummy on the Orient Express Jamie Mathieson Mathieson is a new writer to Doctor Who but is greatly loved by /who/. Unlike many other writers on the show, he can write good stories. Flatline and Mummy are both great episodes and the vast majority of people agree. Mummy is considered by many to be a comfy episode and the most like Classic Who. It's also an interesting mirror to what's in store in the final two-parter of the season. Apparently had some guest singer in it too.
Flatline Jamie Matheison Another fantastic episode by Mathieson, perhaps even better than the previous one. The characters are for the most part genuinely interesting, and the idea is so bizarre for the show that it just works so well. Contains the best use of a TARDIS model in the history of the show.
In The Forest Of The Night Frank Cottrell Boyce This episode was utter horseshit and should be forgotten. The only good part is the bit where the camera pans around Nelson's Column and you can see all of London has been overtaken by TREES.
Dark Water

/Death in Heaven

Steven Moffat The Mattress is back and ridiculously crazy and hot. Most people wanted to bang her and 12, with Pancakes showering the orgy with her pancake's syrup. The Cybermen were also fun as well. Danny has PTSD regarding the damn good wells he dug. Moffat baneposts with his very own version of the Bane plane scene. This story is actually okay, but /who/ hates it since the Mattress turned into a woman and muh "don't cremate me". All in all, a solid two-part finale to end a fantastic series. Oh, and Pancakes is gone now so that makes it even better. HA HA! And that GOAT scene where 12 smashes the TARDIS console.

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