Series 5

Season 31
About Time
Began 3 April 2010
Ended 26 June 2010
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Season 31 (Series 5 for plebians) began in 2010 with the premiere of the Eleventh Doctor. At the time, he was considered the greatest thing since sliced bread, mostly because he wasn't the Tenth Doctor and his companion was pure sex.

It's also, hands down, the best series of NuWho. Moffat has yet to produce a series with high quality this consistently (season 36 comes pretty close though).

Series 5 also debuted the glorious reign of God King Steven Moffat, May He Run the Show Forever.  After casting out Russell T. Davies, Glorious Leader led us into a new age of fezzes and bow ties and grand schemes that have no plot holes whatsoever.  

Series 5:

Everyone aboard the Hypemobile!
Episode Title Written by Description
The Eleventh Hour Steven Moffat The first episode by Steven Moffat as Showruiner. The Eleventh Doctor is wacky as shit, but it's still a pretty great first episode. Amy Pond and Rory Williams also show up because NuWho needs romance and stuff. Introduces the cracks in the universe that will eventually be kind of explained not really. GOAT soundtrack by Marigold.
The Beast Below Steven Moffat London got put on a spaceship and there was some brain washing. I don't remember much else besides space whales.
Victory of the Daleks Mark Gatiss GO GO DALEK RANGERS *sick guitar* GO GO DALEK RANGERS *sick guitar again* GO GO DALEK RANGERS, YOU MIGHTY MURDERIN' DALEK RANGERS! Also World War II planes in space.
The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone Steven Moffat Remember those wicked cool Weeping Angles from SPLINK? Hahaaaaa fuck you. River Song is still around and the cracks are actually important but still unexplained.
The Vampires of Venice Toby Whithouse I remember literally nothing about this episode except vampire chicks.
Amy's Choice Simon Nye The Doctor and his friends are very sleepy and dream about Dobby.
The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood Chris Chibnall I really like this two parter beacuse I think lizard people from the center of the Earth are always a cool concept but I guess other people don't like it? I dunno maybe I should watch it again. Muh Rory ;_;
Vincent and the Doctor Richard Curtis Most feels heavy episode of the series and easily in the top five of all time.
The Lodger Gareth Roberts One of my favorite episodes ever. Craig is /who/ and /who/ is Craig. Also the Doctor plays soccer and he's pretty GOAT.
The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang Steven Moffat Eleven makes a big speech, there are a ton of aliens, and that cliffhanger tho. Things are really cool but make no sense. The explanation for the cracks is fucking nothing. This is the commonly agreed upon origin point of BRAVO MOFFAT.

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