Series 4

Season 30
We're here to save Doctor Who.
We're here to save Doctor Who.
About Time
Began 5 April 2008
Ended 5 July 2008
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Season 30 (Series 4 for newfags) was Tennant's last full series of Doctor Who, before he got another year of movies. It had a stonking huge pair of jiggling pale freckled tits as the main companions, with guest appearances by the woman carrying them and by her senile grandpa Wilf, the coolest fucking dude since Ian Chatterson.

Series 4:

Episode Title Written by Description
Voyage of the Damned Russell T Davies A Christmas Special about the TORtanic in space. There were little spiky people and a qt maid, that's legit all I remember.
Partners in Crime Russell T Davies "I Bet You Like" Donna Noble returns from being a runaway bride to hunt little babies made of fat and become the newest companion. Also Rose starts popping up again because DIDN'T YOU MISS HER???!?!?!
The Fires of Pompeii James Moran The Doctor and Donna meet Peter Capaldick in Ancient Rome. It got a throwaway line in Deep Breath.
Planet of the Ood Keith Temple Ood rabies and revolution.
The Sontaran Stratagem

/The Poison Sky

Helen Raynor Man fuck if I know, it's been years since I watched this series. Did you miss Martha? Doesn't matter, she's back and military now, because the Doctor just loves soldiers. Oh yeah, non-meme Sontarans. They're rubbish poor men's Daleks, which is good because jokes are for kids.
The Doctor's Daughter Stephen Greenhorn A pretty great episode if only for Jenny, who will never be seen again, even though they named another character Jenny who would have been fucking perfect to be this Jenny.
The Unicorn and the Wasp Gareth Roberts Agatha Christie and a bad cgi wasp. What more could you want?
Silence in the Library

/Forest of the Dead

Steven Moffat In which we learn that Moffat is really likes making a spooky thing say the same thing over and over. Also, we meet River Song for the first time and she actually seems pretty interesting. What a time to be alive.

Seriously tho, only idiots say saved in the context of "I saved peoples lives" Are you an idiot?

Midnight Russell T Davies A real life documentary about an infamous incident where, after being trapped on a bus with David Tennant for 45 minutes, his fellow actors attempt to murder him. Rusty thought the surveillance footage was so good he decided to scrap his Abosorballof vs Kandyman episode and base the script around the footage instead. GOAT episode of Series 4. Massively overrated.
Turn Left Russell T Davies Butterfly effect episode all about Donna without the Doctor. Second GOAT. Also BAD WOLF BAD WOLF BAD WOLF BAD WOLF
The Stolen Earth

/Journey's End

Russell T Davies Daleks come back to fuck shit up, because it's an RTD finale. All the Doctor's friends come back. The Doctor faps so hard his hand comes to life and he burns a regeneration. Rose takes her new sex slave Doctor/Half-Donna back to another universe. Doctor Who dies. The scene with everyone flying the Tardis was still pretty neat I guess. The Comfy Earth/Comfy's End.

The second part is called Journey's End, but the journey doesn't really end because Ten does a whole year of specials after this. BRAVO, RUSTY!

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