Series 2

Nothing is a worse season than series 2. Colin Baker's first season is better than series 2. The shitty divergent universe arc where big finish got too big in their ideas and fucked up royally was better than series 2. A compilation of Pertwee's worst serials put together as a season would be a better season than series 2. Peter Capaldi could make out with Alex Kingston for a solid hour once a week for 12 episodes and a Christmas special where he cops a feel as well and I'd still enjoy it more than series 2. There's nothing gold about series 2 besides the composer's name in the credits, just a few dim flakes of silver in a collapsing mountain of shit and mediocrity.
Steven Moffat, Doctor Who Confidential

Season 28
Welcome to your future.
Welcome to your future.
About Time
Began 15 April 2006
Ended 8 July 2006
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Publicity still from Army of Ghosts

Season 28 (Series 2 to scrubs) was the introduction of David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor after Rusty bumfucked too many crew members for Eccleston's taste. Rose stuck around though, and she seriously fell in love with the Doctor, which was much bullshit.

Episode Title Written by Description
The Christmas Invasion Russell T, Davies The best part is the spinning deadly Christmas tree, because that's Doctor Who as fuck, amirite? I liked that part anyways. David Tennant spends most of his time in bed after having regenerated and the Sycorax (a name stolen from Shakespeare and a moon of Uranus) ROCK! or so they claim. The Doctor loses his hand and is forced to wear a chainsaw attachment for the rest of Ten's run.
New Earth Russell T Davies Chips and the Doctor go to a New Earth with apple grass. That sheet woman comes back and makes Rose touch her arse. Also plague zombies and some bullshit 'if I cover myself with every cure I can make some negative cure spell'. It's terrible.
Tooth and Claw Russell T. Davies Wose and the Doctah make jokes while werewolves kill people in 1879, meeting Queen Victoria in the process; she is not amused and creates Touchwood to deal with them.
School Reunion Toby Whithouse K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith show up at a school where the badguy aliens are bats that eat children. Muh Roes gets pissy at this because *gasp* the Doctor knows ANOTHER WOMAN! :O

Also starring that British bloke from Buffy The Vampire Slayer tv show.

The Girl in the Fireplace Steven Moffat Moffat peaked exactly here. Pretty comfy.
Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel Tom MacRae Parallel dead relatives = drama, the story involves Rose lamenting for 45 minutes about how sad it is that a version of her father that wasn't SPLINKED existed, then some Cyberdudes invade her dad's mansion in a fucking awesome sequence that is ultimately pointless since Lumic can control almost everyone via earpods anyway.
The Idiot's Lantern Mark Gatiss Not half as bad as some say, but if you don't like Gatiss stories... Terrible!
The Impossible Planet Matt Jones The Doctor fights the Devil...

You thought I was joking, but the second part is literally called The Satan Pit.

Love & Monsters Russell T. Davies The perfect episode to get any new friends into Doctor Who.
Fear Her Matthew Graham For what purpose was this made?  Legend has it this was a last-minute script written for by Matt Graham's child.
Army of Ghosts/Doomsday Russell T. Davies Once again, Rusty sets up some great hype and fails to deliver on it. But the journey to the let down is pretty great. The Cybermen clash with the Daleks, in an epic war to determine which is the superior monster, it's like Alien Vs Predator, and like Alien Vs Predator, the more interesting creature is utterly neutered and reduced to fodder, making the fight completely one sided and boring. Still, Rusty banishes Rose "forever", so there's that.

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