Series 14

Season 40 (Series 14 in case you like how similar 14 and 40 sound) is the 14th series of the British television show Doctor Who.


A number of changes were made in the cast and production. Peter Capaldi had retired from his role as The Doctor and was replaced by the Thirteenth Doctor for Series Dubs. Eager to continue participating in the show in some way, he had asked instead to become Showruiner. The BBC responded politely that since Chris Chibnall was currently the showrunner and had no intention of leaving, Capaldi could not be hired for that position. Chibnall was found dead by the side of the road in Cardiff, a mystery that still baffles even Scotland Yard to this day.

Fourteenth Doctor

Replacing Thirteen as The Doctor is Varg Vikernes, a virtually unknown actor. Many were skeptical at first, but Capaldi promised that the audience would grow to love the new Doctor. Varg was a contrast from the previous Doctor, having the appearance of a man in his mid-40's. He had a fatherly feeling about him and was really a figure you could look up to. His era instantly became recognized as the Comfy Era. Many episodes ended with the Doctor reclining in his chair to read a good book by the fire, or to watch The Thick of It. The 14th Doctor wore many sweaters and kept a friendly cat in the TARDIS.


The returning companion this year was Donna Noble. She was joined this series by her father, Wilfred Mott. While both of them had been featured heavily in the show before, Series 14 tried a new approach with their characters. They were the familiar characters audiences knew and loved, but they also had some new qualities emerging which captivated audiences.

Both Donna and Wilf travelled with Varg until he stabbed them both to death they fell on some lamps.


Series 14 had a total of 16 episodes, plus a Christmas Special. Capaldi experimented with the format of the show and the running time by placing a story in the middle of the series running at the standard Classic Series length of approximately 25 minutes. The episode was divided into four parts. It was a success, with each part receiving staggeringly good reviews. The other episodes in the series were also critically acclaimed, with the majority feeling that this was by far the best series of NuWho. Many called it the Platinum Age. The two-part finale was viewed by 12.43 million people, making it one of the most-watched finales and most-watched episodes in the show's history.

Number Episode Title Written by Description Run Time
1 Dawn Peter Capaldi and Jamie Mathieson A pure historical introducing the 13th Doctor, doing what the Doctor does best. A village needs saving, and the Doctor is in. 50 minutes
2 The Light Neil Cross Neil Cross produces a good episode regarding a light in the sky that signals the end of civilizations. 45 minutes
3 Conquest of the Azarites Mark Gatiss Fills the apparent one Gatiss per-series quota. Seeing the massive amount of talent going into this series has caused Gatiss to raise the bar and produce a very high-quality episode. 42 minutes
4 Melvin New Guy #1 Similar to the Lodger, only the Doctor blends in well this time. A man is being stalked by an alien presence and it's up to the Doctor to stay close and protect him. 41 minutes
5 The Woods New Guy #2 A forest episode done well. The enemies are used sparingly to build paranoia and anticipation. 42 minutes
6 Hollywood New Guy #3 Donna mentions that she wants to be in a movie someday. The Doctor takes her and Wilf to Hollywood in the 1930s. He writes a movie and begins to produce it, starring Donna and Wilf as two travellers. The only problem is that when they begin filming, the cameras begin capturing things that aren't there. 43 minutes
- Twilight (minisode) Russel T. Davies The long-awaited Russel T. Davies minisode. Features a return to the planet in Midnight. 10 minutes

The Axonite Dilemma

(Part 1)

Peter Capaldi The Axons return after decades being absent from the show. 25 minutes
8 The Axonite Dilemma (Part 2) Peter Capaldi The Axons return after decades being absent from the show. 25 minutes
9 The Axonite Dilemma (Part 3) Peter Capaldi The Axons return after decades being absent from the show. 22 minutes
10 The Axonite Dilemma (Part 4) Peter Capaldi The Axons return after decades being absent from the show. 25 minutes
- The Doctor's Life (minisode) Peter Capaldi The Doctor goes about his daily routine when he's not busy fighting aliens. 7 minutes
11 Why Sleep? Steven Moffat's Ghost With only having to write one story a series, and also having otherworldly powers, Moffat has managed to top all his previous stories with this thrilling adventure. 45 minutes
12 The Silver Age A Dog The Doctor encounters a body-modification cult in 1980s New York obsessed with the Cybermen. 42 minutes
13 The Dalek Wake Nicholas Briggs Nicholas Briggs is finally given a chance on the main show. This episode looks at the after-effects of a Dalek occupation, and what happens when the Daleks are defeated. What follows the Daleks in their wake? 41 minutes
14 Endgame Jamie Mathieson The Doctor meets Captain Jack Harkness once more. The two must fight back-to-back against Gus. 43 minutes
15 Reunion (Part 1) Peter Capaldi The 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Doctors must join forces to defeat an invasion. 45 minutes


(Part 2)

Peter Capaldi Even with the help of five Doctors, the civilization of the Korvo begins to fall. 60 minutes
- A Christmas in St. Petersburg Peter Capaldi The Doctor travels back in time to St. Petersburg hundreds of years ago with Donna and Wilf. A purely historical adventure. 60 minutes
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