Series 13

Dream team?

Season 39 (or Series 13 if you want the series count to fit with Thirteeny in case Josie's still on the show instead of Ecclestoning the fuck outta here) saw a lot of changes to the show's formula.

Chibnall said the following changes would be made in an interview:

  • Address the problems with Moffat’s overarching story of his era and undo The Day of the Doctor’s undoing of the Time War ending.
  • Undo Missy/give her backstory to show her struggling with her gender identity (whether they get Michelle Gomez to do it or Simm to do it, either is fine), showing that it was not just a change in genitals directly changing the Master’s gender identity, name, and everything.
  • Make the Doctor think about the fact that he forced the human race to commit genocide of the Silents because they were bothering him, and make him own up to that horrible, horrible crime he committed.
  • Bring back the entire crew that worked on Midnight (although getting RTD back might be pretty hard), and get something like that to happen again.
  • Get Richard Kelly to do an episode or two (because Donnie Darko shows he would be great at it).
  • Less deus ex machina (our lord and saviour) endings to episodes (actually, no deus ex machina endings unless you make it some insane thing like in Donnie Darko).
  • Maybe an episode that actually has some sort of educational thing about science involved in it, that is not completely wrong (trees protect us from solar radiation, for example, yes, you tried to educate, but that’s not at all what actually protects us).
  • A two parter which was just 80 minutes of The Doctor going off about why he'd never regenerate into a female and that all the SJWs who wanted a female regeneration could suck it and a few comments about why regeneration of The General in Hell Bent was not canon and just Moffat being a fucking cuck again. Slowly start setting up a good set up for a female Doctor in the future (i.e. the Doctor revealing their repressed feelings of not particularly conforming to the gender binary (genderfluid Doctor)), so that when a female Doctor does happen, it can have the Doctor not hating every second of it because they don’t want to be a female/still identify as a man and want their body to be back like how it was (which is what you’d have to do if the Doctor has been male for 2000+ years and then suddenly has new genitals that are not what they are used to and want to have).
  • The War Doctor was not real.
  • Address the whole Valeyard thing from Classic Who, since we need to address that soon.
  • A non-modern British young female human companion (any of those things can change: not from modern times, not from Britain, not young, not female, not human, etc), even if it’s only for half a season or so.
  • Redo everything that Moffat undid.
  • More episodes that are not set in modern Britain.
  • Some elements from Slider (90s TV show), there are many that could be included Back to the Future reference(s) because it’ll be 2015 next year.
  • I don’t really know actors/actress/writers/directors/etc that much, so I don’t really know who I’d want there, but I would want people of colour on the show (as main characters) and women writing for the show, and maybe bring back the guy that wrote Vincent and the Doctor, if possible, just for an episode though.
  • PROPER BISEXUAL REPRESENTATION PROPER OMNISEXUAL REPRESENTATION Non-heterosexual characters Non-monosexual characters.
  • Moffat never touching the show again.
  • Stop saying ‘darkest hour’ every single season to advertise for the season finale.
  • Don’t take quotes out of context to advertise for season finales
  • The show will actually return to our TV screens, rather than the audio drama format utilised for Series 12 after the cancellation due to the Non-canon Shit that was Series Dubs.
  • There will be a transgender companion.

He was a bad showrunner.

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