Series 12

He is watching.
Tick tock it's Series 12. PS. War ain't canon.

Season 38 (or Series 12 if you miss Capaldino) will be the Thirteenth Doctor's second series, and unfortunately not Capaldi's finest hour (because being Series 12, it would've had a nice symmetry). IT ALL FITS. Sadly not anymore. Unless the Thirteenth Doctor is Hayley Atwell, then we'll all be happy again. Though she'll have to wait until Series 13 for the numbers to match up.


If I'm still in /who/ in 2018 when this airs, I'll probably cry even more than usual.

You can tell how fucking outdated this page is because we thought it was gonna air in 2018. It was, before the BBC royally fucked us over. top kek.


Series 11 isn't canon (because it's Chubnail 's first year and it's bad), so there is no page about it. Fortunately we do have a page for Series Dubs.


Reminder that Series 12 will be entirely audio plays, as Doctor Who gets cancelled at the end of Series Dubs.

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