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Season 36
Fresh new start... with Nardole.
Fresh new start... with Nardole.
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Began 15 April 2017
Ended 1 July 2017
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TL;DR: It was one of the best of NuWho. Based Moff did it again.

Hype Train, missing episodes & the basement. Truly a daring synthesis.

Season 36

fat tho
Best TARDIS Team.
Goodnight sweet prince.

Season 36 (also known as Series Teninch I guess) will be the Great Moff's last as showruiner and Pietro Capaldini's last as the Doctor (press F to pay respects). It was delayed by the 2016 hiatus and aired April 15, 2017.


It is expected the Final Moffucking will be cataclysmic, unless Moffat has already Moffucked himself out. Fortunately that is literally impossible. GOLDEN AGE INCOMING GET HYPE.

It's gonna be a GOAT comfy Graham Williams inspired series.

Series Tennant delayed til 2017

2015: How everything went to shit

On August 5, 2015 rumors began circulating that no full series would air in 2016. Although the BBC had already commissioned a full series for 2016, everyone immediately lost their shit and began prophesying that the end of days had come.

As of this edit, there has still been no official announcement, but /who/ is convinced that we'll only get a year of specials and no full series. There are a couple of possible outcomes here:

  1. The rumors are just that: rumors. There is some weight to this argument: the BBC commissioned series 10 back in, like, May of this year. If they were planning something different, chances are they simply wouldn't have commissioned a series. As of right right now, officially, Series 10 is happening.
  2. We get a series of specials next year, not unlike 2009. Supposedly, the reason for this break is so that Moffat can begin searching for a successor (and potentially a new Doctor). This idea is unfounded and based on /who/s own deepest, darkest nightmares. There is little evidence to support this idea.
  3. Doctor Who is rested next year because the Moff has way too much on his plate and really wants to run three shows at once, which is utterly retarded. Surely, if this is the case, the beeb wouldn't let their biggest cash cow suffer to appease one man's childhood dream? Of course, if this is the case, MOFFAT OUT.
  4. DOCTOR WHO IS PLACED ON PERMANENT HIATUS THIS IS THE END MOFFAT OUT HE KILLED THE SHOW HE FINALLY DID IT. Of course the chances of this are literally 1/100000000000000. Who earns way too much money for the BBC to actually place it on hiatus.
  5. Confirmed for being pushed back until spring of 2017 because the head of the BBC doesn't want the show to conflict with the olympics or some other British bullshit no one cares about. Moffat to bow out and Chibby Nips will take over on Series 11. Doctor Who officially cancelled by the end of Series 12, screencap this.

2016 hiatus

Before Series 10 aired, Doctor Who Fandom had to suffer through the 2016 hiatus with only one new episode, The Return of Doctor Mysterio, to tide them over. Series 10 finally began April 15 2017.

Episode Title Written by Description

The Return Of Doctor Mysterio

(Christmas Special)

Steven Moffat The Doctor and Nardole hang out with a superhero. It was pretty comfy actually. One of the better christmas specials.
The Pilot Steven Moffat Very good introduction. RTD style opener done right.

The Doctor, asBill and Nardole get chased around the universe by water... yeah. Oh and Bill is a lesbian or something.

Smile Frank Cottrell-Boyce The emojis are sentient? Oh and they kill a lot of people. Oh and something about a building made of robot bees? Good Visuals though.
Thin Ice Sarah Dollard Children are eaten. The Doctor punches a bigot perfectly adequate man for his time. Bill touches some shit. Genuinely quite good. Also the Doctor and Bill steal some pies, Colin Baker would be most unpleased.
Knock Knock Mike Bartlett Spooooky walls creak and groan. Basically some old fuck named John is guarding his daughter that's also his mom with some space cockroaches who can take people in and out of wood... Yeah, not fantastic.
Oxygen Jamie Mathieson The Doctor, Bill and Nardole land in a mining vessel where capitalism is evil, Bill dies twice and Nardole nags the Doctor the whole time and it's infested with SPAAAAAAAACE ZOMBIES.


Extremis Steven Moffat So Missy's in the vault and the Doctor, Bill and Nardole go off to find that suicide book but find these monks that travel through portals but that doesn't matter because it was all in the Matrix. It ends with the Doctor restarting the episode. Pretty GOAT.
The Pyramid at the End of the World Peter Harness (and Meven Stoffat because Harness can't write a decent story for toffee) The Monk's ship is a Pyramid, and its the end of the world cause some bacteria got leaked or something. The Horny Monks beg for consent so they can fuck the Earth. Naturally, Bill gives consent cause the Doctor hadn't told her regeneration is a thing and Nardole dies... I think. Surprisingly good all things considered.
The Lie of the Land Toby Whithouse Moffat (through Toby Whithouse) fakes you out for the billionth time this series, leaving you asking why they even bother doing multi-part episodes if they wont resolve anything in a worthwile manner. Also, why does the Doctor fake regenerate to spook Bill when Bill doesn't even know what regeneration is?
The Empress of Mars The Devil Himself Surprisingly comfy palate cleanser after that Monk bullshit. Basically some Victorians write the title of their favourite Sex Pistols song on the surface of Mars and then some decent Ice Warrior BUS ensues. Good plot, great visuals (proper gruesome kills) and fan service that doesn't feel forced and actually makes sense. GARVO BATISS.
The Eaters of Light Rona Munro A nice, fairly historically accurate, comfy romp. Featuring a poorly rendered CGI monster and some underage bisexual Romans. Essentially the epitome of NuWho episodes. Ought to TELL THAT TO KANJIKLUB.
World Enough and Time Steven Moffat Probably GOAT. Correct. VNA Level dark. Bill gets shot an becomes a cyberman while The Doctor regenerates for the upteenth time this series. Also Simm Master and Missy team up to destroy The Doctor.
The Doctor Falls Steven Moffat ABSOLUTE GOAT, BEST FINALE OF NUWHO! It was easily one of the best finales but not GOAT by a long shot. It had a great opening with Missy/Simm beating up off the Capaldick and the first half was GOAT but Simm was underused, more sex jokes and the ending was meh and the second half was also GOAT.

>wanting more simm

also name a better finale, you cant!

Parting of the Ways

^Told you you couldn't name a better finale.

the doctor falls was better than the parting of the ways

Incorrect, Parting of the Ways is GOAT

So was this finale.

Twice Upon a Time Steven Moffat IT WAS GOAT. BASED MOFFAT DID IT.

Half Season

As it turns out, they did release new episodes in 2016. But, other than the usual Christmas special, there were only half as many as usual, and only half length, and they went direct-to-video instead of airing on BBC 1. Also, they were animated, like The Infinite Quest and Dreamland.


Apparently the animators ran out of color ink since Dreamland, because this one's all black and white. They try to make up for it by making everything super-contrasty, which should have looked really cool with the Twelfth Doctor, but that's where the real problems come in. While Ten may have looked a little goofy in Dreamland, Twelve looks like a completely different person here. He's short, with a rumpled suit and a moptop haircut, and he has normal human eyebrows instead of Scottish ones.

Also, the scripts are clearly leftovers from Eleven, and they barely even bothered to rewrite them to fit Twelve. He keeps telling his companions "Come along" and "When I say run, run" and talking about how much he'd like a hat like that, and he fidgets like he just did another bump between scenes, and he doesn't yell "Get the fuck in or fuck the fuck off" even once all season.

Moffat has replaced Clara with two people who together add up to one proper companion—there's the blonde chick with the vacant look in her eyes, but she's not a chav, and there's the chav, but he's not a chick. Surprisingly for the new series, in six episodes, neither one of them tries to have sex with the Doctor.


So, what about the plots? Well, anyone who criticized Moffat in the past for going too far with the season arc plots must have really hated this year. None of the episodes stand alone at all, and the only real story to be found is the arc plot about the Daleks on planet Vulcan. (Seriously, Vulcan. Clearly, Moffat is hoping to get to take over Star Trek now that Abrams and even Orci are sick of doing it.)

Anyway, the story is a total ripofferino, but at least it's kind of clever about it.

First, they make you think they're ripping off Dalek. This guy wants to examine the Dalek he found to get some technological advantage, but the Doctor says, "How many people live in that city? All dead." And the Dalek wakes up and recognizes the Doctor, but it can't exterminate him because its weapon doesn't work.

But then you gradually realize they're really ripping off Victory of the Daleks. There's three Daleks, not one, and they wander around serving tea and saying "I am your servant" and giving the scientist guy new science ideas that he can pass off as his own science to help win the war (although they're fighting rebels instead of Nazis, because you can't fight Nazis anymore after you killed Hitler). The Doctor keeps jumping up and down trying to convince everyone it's an evil plot and smashing stuff with a chair and generally looking like an idiot, but of course it turns out he's right, because the three crashed Daleks want to create a new race of Daleks. And they succeed! This is where the black & white really lets them down, because you can't even tell that the new race of Daleks comes in five shiny colors.

But then you suddenly realize they're really ripping off Remembrance of the Daleks. Instead of just letting the Daleks go off to build an empire and exterminate trillions of people like you'd expect from the Doctor, he tricks them into blowing themselves up. And then at the end, we get a hint that maybe the reason he did such a bad job convincing everyone the Daleks were dangerous isn't that he's a dumbass, or that he's played by a bad actor, but that he was planning from the start to give himself a good excuse to blow up the Daleks. So now, when the show gets canceled in another year, Moffat and friends can write a series of novels that explores the darker, manipulative side of the Doctor.

And finally, you realize they're really ripping off John Peel's novel War of the Daleks. In the middle 80% of the book, where the Dalek Supreme is narrating all the significant events in Dalek history to the Doctor for no apparent reason and retconning them all so that Skaro still exists, part of his history is exactly the plot from this season!


I especially like the bit they took from that 70s parody of Doctor Who by the Carry On people, when the first thing the Dalek does after it wakes up is try to grope Janley's boobs.

The "Bad Wolf" on the noticeboard is clearly a nice message from Moffat to RTD saying, "Fuck you, this is how you do a real multi-episode arc". And because this episode takes place in 2020, it confirms that Amy's crack erased Journey's End from history, because nobody remembers the Daleks.

Finally, in episode 5, when the Dalek says "Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!" it's actually a sample from that song that Daleks did with Rotersand a few years ago, which is a pretty cool easter egg for the hardcore fans that follow the novels, comics, audios, and synthpop music instead of just the TV show.


An unusual experiment for the series, taking the increasing reliance on both CGI and season arcs to their logical ends, but I think most fans prefer standalone episodes with more action, simpler plots, fewer characters, and generally less thinking required, and Capaldi just isn't the same without the eyebrows.

Still, if this David Whitaker guy can get the hang of the format, he seems to be a promising writer; hopefully we'll see more of him in the Chibnall era.

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