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Season 27 (Series 1 to scrubs)
Back when /who/ was just a glimmer in a shitposter's eye.
Back when /who/ was just a glimmer in a shitposter's eye.
About Time
Began 26 March 2005
Ended 18 June 2005
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Series 1. This is it. Where it all started. The adventures of Christopher Eccleston as the intrepid Doctor Who. With his loveable girlfriend Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, he started a series that would make millions of nerds butthurt on the Internet.

It is well known for revolutionising modern television with the Vasseline screen effect. Remember back in the 40s where they blurred the screen whenever there was a close up of a beautiful woman? Well, in this they do it for everything.


Series 1:

Episode Title Written by Description
Rose Russell T Davies The audience is introduced to the main character, Rose Tyler, and her brand new boyfriend, The Doctor. They save the world from plastic and crappy lighting.

How the show got so popular with this shitty episode is a mystery that will never be solved.

The End of the World Russell T Davies The Doctor explains he's been stuck in Paul McGann's basement for years fighting the Time War, and that's why he's been off the air. Conveniently, he totally forgets to mention the War Doctor. First appearance of Trampoline Face who turns up again later (next season I think) before she dies for good. What is it with Russell: The Davies and faces?
The Unquiet Dead Mark Gatiss For a split second, Doctor Who pretends it can do a historical episode without aliens again. It can't. The maid who dies later turns up alive on Torchwood.
Aliens of London

/World War Three

Russell T Davies Kino. Very underrated with a lot of great scenes.
Dalek Robert Shearman The only bad thing about this episode is that Rusty named it "Dalek" and gave away that it was a Dalek. It's called anticipation you bag of fuck. Otherwise GOATest of GOAT episodes. Wish they hadn't made a big deal of flying Daleks as the classic run had when they could afford the wires.

Van Statten was pretty fucking stupid. Also Adam.

The Long Game Russel T Davies Simon Pegg manipulates humanity from a freezer. Also, The Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire is a magnificent name. No one actually remembers this episode, which might explain why no one gives a shit about Adam.
Father's Day Paul Cornell In which a canon breaking concept is introduced and then never seen again. Rose's dad DIES LIKE AN IDIOT.
The Empty Child

/The Doctor Dances

Steven Moffat The birth of our current lord and master, Steven Moffat. And he's pretty damn fantastic at this point in time. Also introduces the majesty that is Captain Jack Harkness, handsome extraordinaire. Jack, Rose and the Doctor all fuck each other senseless.
Boom Town Russell T Davies LEAVE TEH MAYUR ALONE
Bad Wolf

/The Parting of the Ways

Russell T Davies Goodnight, sweet prince ;_;

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