Segun Akinola

/who/ is not the sort of community that'd bubble up conspiracy theories about the BBC hiring the man only so they could "plaster his face" all over press releases about his hiring, something that apparently wouldn't have gathered a single media comment at all if he'd looked a bit different. I wonder if any /who/ adjacent communities reacted that way.

Segun Akinola (the hint is in the name) is the unfortunate soul tasked with making the music after Marrigold left totally of his own accord.


Some nice tracks of his from previous works:

On Doctor Who

Segun's theme is the closest we've ever had to the original by Delia Derbyshire. Specifically, because it's just a remix of the original by Delia Derbyshire.

Aside from the theme song, it's mostly just sorta atmospheric soundscape kinda stuff. Except for Thirteen's theme, which is a bit too early to call.