Season 9

Series -17
About Time
Began 1 January 1972
Ended 24 June 1972
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Season 9 was notable for being inarguably the single worst season the underrated SPLINK Doctor was ever in. However, given that this series was still pretty GOAT overall, this says remarkably little against him.

Serials of Season 9

Episode Title Written By Description
Day of the Daleks Louis Marks Headcanons are ruined as the Daleks recover from their slump and burst into the scene with Ogrons.
The Curse of Peladon Brian Hayles Space Britain is being pressured into joining the space EU, things go wrong involving curses and traditions, and the Doctor is initially suspicious of the green space Germans, but it turns out it's not their fault. For once.
The Sea Devils Malcolm Hulke The Silurians come back, except they are Eocenes, and they look like the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, except ironically they are far better looking, and the Master is helping them reclaim the Earth.
The Mutants Bob Baker & Dave Martin Jo Grant and the Doctor end up on a planet inhabited by Ian Levines who are decriminated against by humans.
The Time Monster Robert Sloman & Barry Letts By Underrated SPLINK Doctor standards, it's fucking terrible. Though because it's an Underrated SPLINK Doctor story, that means it's technically still pretty damn decent compared to the swill pulled out of the asses of NuWho writers.

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