Season 7

Series -19 (Season 7)
"Watch as I make your virginity magically disappear!" You totally read that in his voice, didn't you?
"Watch as I make your virginity magically disappear!" You totally read that in his voice, didn't you?
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Began 3 January 1970
Ended 20 June 1970
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Season 7 was notable for being the start for both the Underrated Doctor, and the Overrated Producer. It's also notable for being a pretty GOAT and dark season. Truly, the ultimate pleb filter.

Serials of Season 7

Episode Title Written By Description
Spearhead from Space Terrance Dicks The Autons engage in a rushed invasion while the new Doctor acts more like a nut than he will in any other serial until he regenerates again.
Doctor Who and the Silurians Malcolm Hulke The Doctor tries to prevent unnecessary conflict between humans and lizard-men to the mystical soundtrack of the kazoo kid.
The Ambassadors of Death David Whitaker U.N.I.T. tries to solve the mystery behind disappearting aliens and astronaounts while the Doctor tries to solve the mystery behind why this serial is so padded.
Inferno Don Houghton After bombarding a guy with ad hominem for not knowing things that I'd doubt nobody would know because the Third Doctor won't ever fucking tell us Earthlings, the Doctor accidentally slips into a reality ran entirely by idiots. So our reality, I guess.


Oh gosh, this season is so good, and even the few obvious flaws are understandable given the tight hole Doctor Who was in. The budget was lower than the kind of budget it takes to make a ham sandwhich from the stuff you can get at the store. They only had four stories.

Spearhead from Space is often, along with Genesis of the Daleks, Baby's first Classic Doctor Who story. It's fast-paced, it's not padded in the slightest, (if anything it could have done with one more episode), and Jon Pertwee semi-subtly makes fun of the Best Doctor, but in an awesome way. One of the only other complaints about how it could have done with more time to explain everything was that this characterization of the Third Doctor was a mite too zany compared to every other serial, but that's okay, most Doctors are a mite too zany on their debuts, except for Fivey because he's too twee for that, which is a problem by itself. Anyway, this story's a Classic. 9/10.

Doctor Who and the Silurians features the Underrated SPLINK Doctor at his most subtle in acting. It's a mite padded out, but it's not so bad if you just watch it over two or three sittings, which is a little closer to how Classic Doctor Who should be watched anyway, rather than watch the whole thing at once. The Silurians, as characters, are neither too inhuman nor too human, which is just the right effect. The Silurians have a neat little "the mouth moves when they tilt their heads to make it look like they're talking" effect, which is a much better special effect than you'd expect from when the series possibly had its lowest budget ever. Just to warn you, it has a rather ridiculous and experimental soundtrack. Made with quite a bit with contributions from kazoos. I am not kidding. 8/10.

The Ambassadors of Death is even more padded than necessary by at least a whole episode, if not two, and is a bit slow even if you try to watch each episode in it once a day like you should. However, it has some brilliant plot twists, and it looks good for such a tiny budget and manages to convey a ton of atmosphere. Plus, the Underrated Doctor is really good in this one. 7/10.

Inferno is not especially padded, all things considered. It just has a very but understandably complicated plot and just has to be watched like Doctor Who and the Silurians would, over a couple of sittings. It's creepy as Hell and there are threats from all angles. Mostly I can only complain about how not all of the conflict needed to happen if the Underrated Doctor simply articulated his opinions instead of using ad hominem on everybody who disagreed with him. But I guess if he did, we wouldn't have a story in the first place, would we? 9/10.

Overall, this season, along with seasons 5, 13, 14, and 26, was one of those seasons that was really fucking GOAT. 8/10.

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