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Season 6B was a season of the TV series My Giddy Aunt Who that made the bold move of happening in comics instead. But they were called TV Comics, so it was OK. It starred a sketchy drawing vaguely reminiscent of Patrick Troughton (you can tell because he wears hats) as The Doctor, and sometimes Jamie but sometimes not.


Serials of Season 6B

Episode Title Written by Description
A bunch of comics A bunch of uncredited hacks at Polystyle The Doctor is on Earth and still living in his old form. He and Jamie do some things, then he's alone and chilling as a celebrity in the penthouse of a fancy London hotel and solving mysteries without any companions, then he gets shot by some scarecrows, and the Time Lords stuff him back in his TARDIS and send him to Oxley Woods, where he regenerates into Three.
The Five Doctors Terrance Dicks Of course this was part of Season 20B for Fivel, but the Second Doctor clearly comes from Season 6B, as he remembers things that happened after his supposed regeneration, like Jamie's memory being wiped.
The Two Doctors Robert Holmes This story was from Season 22 for Sixie, but even more clearly Season 6B for Two and Jamie. Two has redecorated his own TARDIS, and surprisingly he doesn't say anything about not liking it.
Destiny of the Doctors Terrance Dicks Now Two recognizes the Ainley Mattress, and he has a Stattenheim remote in his TARDIS, and sounds exactly as much like Troughton as the comics looked like Troughton, because he's Season 6B af.


The War Games Goodbye.jpg
The Five Doctors Jamie + Zoe.jpg

So, The War Games ends with the Time Lords sentencing the Doctor to be forcibly "renewed" and exiled to Earth without a working TARDIS, and we even see him screaming "no" at a bunch of faces before Goth gets bored waiting for him to choose one and does a thing and the Doctor starts getting all swirly. How does any of this make sense?

It turns out the Celestial Intervention Agency needed a tool they could keep quiet from the public, so they kidnapped the Doctor before he could be forcibly regenerated and sent him to Earth to be their agent. After a while they gave him a Stattenheim remote to get his TARDIS back, and gave him back Jamie and then also Victoria for a while too. But when he got shot by a scarecrow, they had to let him regenerate and carry out his original sentence.

Also, Jamie's mindwipe didn't really take, because Time Lords don't understand human brains as well as they think they do, or because the Doctor had taught him a trick to bypass it, or because being his own grandfather means he's uniquely stupid and not affected by the brain rays, depending on which spinoff you read. It's kind of cool that Jamie wasn't left with in the stupid ages with missing years from his life where everyone will think he's crazy or a witch. Except the novels and audios gave him a second memory wipe. And then, in case that wasn't good enough, a third one. And then a comic fucking killed him for good measure. Obviously the writers were just jealous because they will never even meet a woman like Samantha, Victoria, or Zoe, or possibly because they don't have the legs to pull off a kilt as well as him.

Behind the Scenes

The scarecrow watcher about to kill his prey (deep lore)

The pre-DWM comics have the cosmic hobo sent to Earth to rip-off quatermass before before being killed by scarecrows. However since they are pre-DWM comics, so you could just ignore those. But The Five Doctors was written by Terrance Dicks, the same guy who co-wrote The War Games, so how could he have forgotten the end of the old story when writing the new one? Because Uncle Terry never gave a shit about continuity, and he never expected anyone would ever watch The War Games again, that's how. And then Robert Holmes wrote The Two Doctors and broke things even more because he actively hated all fans who cared about continuity (especially JNT, and even more especially Ian Levine).

But then Paul Cornell, along with Martin Day and Keith Topping, was writing a book called The Discontinuity Guide, which was basically a semi-serious attempt to fanwank all of the stories into a cohesive whole. So, he came up with the whole CIA explanation.

A few years later, Uncle Terry heard about this, and immediately loved it. Not so much because it fixed a plot hole, but because he and Malcolm Hulke had always felt bad for what they did to poor Jamie, wiping out his memories of his best friend. So he wrote three novels that put the whole idea into canon. Well, if you think the novels are canon—of course they aren't, but then Season 7 isn't canon either.

Meanwhile, the BBC's NuWho website based their Classic Who episode guide on The Discontinuity Guide, and included excerpts from it, including the bit about Season 6B, which also made it canon. Well, if you think the BBC website is canon—of course it isn't, but then Series 1 isn't canon either.

NuWho itself hasn't had a Second Doctor crossover story, on account of Moffat not being able to afford to Tarkin him up like Disney Abrams, so it hasn't addressed the vital issue of whether Season 6B is really canon the way Ice Warriors taking their armor off or Silurians having boobs is canon.

(Of course if Robert Holmes is to be believed, the Second Doctor was under Time Lord control for his entire life, and he (and Jamie) knew it, and the whole trial was a kangaroo court, and anyone who didn't get that after watching his Deadly Assassin didn't understand the Time Lords at all, so there's no need for 6B.)