Season 6

Series -20
"Another Brian Hayles script?"
"Another Brian Hayles script?"
About Time
Began 10 August 1968
Ended 21 June 1969
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Season 6 was the final end for quite a lot of things in Doccccccccccccu.

Twas the last season of the swinging 60s, it was the last season in B&W, it's the last season to feel the burn of the incinerator, but most importantly it was the last season for the GOATEST Doctor in the history of the franchise ever, Patty Tratty... of course, discounting his subsequent guest appearances in Seasons 10, 22 and in The Five Doctors, but whatever.

Similarly, it was the final season for Freezer Hind Legs as Joomoo and Wendy Darling as arse.


Serials of Season 6

Episode Title Written By Description
The Dominators Norman Ashby Some angry dudes wearing neck supports send wobots to dig into the planet to make a volcano explode or something.
The Mind Robber Peter Ling The Doctor, Oh aye and Zoo go into the world of whiteness, until they don't and end up in the Land of Fiction and go through loads of stories before ending up as stories until they don't because magic ooooh.
The Invasion Kit Pedler Mavic Chen's ancestor collaborates with the Cybermen to sell radios and then kidnaps some bitch's uncle to make a machine that'll make Cybermen cry. Then the Cybermen are like "bitch please" and invade London.
The Krotons Robert Holmes Zoe and he Doctor are so intelligent that they become dongs or something
The Seeds of Death Brian Hayles The Ice Warriors plan to terraform Earth into a suitable climate for them by sending seeds from the Moon.
The Space Pirates Robert Holmes I fell asleep, that's what happened.
The War Games Based Terry and someone else The Doctor, Mojo and eoZ end up in WW1, except then they end up with Romans and 'Muricans and then guys in leather. The Doctor meets another Time Lord there and then things get very sad because the other Time Lords intervene and cut short the GOATEST era of the entire show with some Exile or some shit.

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