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Troughton's response to "Are you enjoying working on Doctor Who?"
Troughton's response to "Are you enjoying working on Doctor Who?"
About Time
Began 2 September 1967
Ended 1 June 1968
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Season 5 of Dr. Martens™ sneakers picked up from where Season 4 left off, and also ended on where Season 4 started to end.

It depicted the continuing adventures of Patty Tratty and Doctor Number Deux, Frasier as Joomoo and Debbie the dabber as Vicky (no not that one). Vicktooreuh then got replaced by Wendy Darling's ZoeGond, who continued to travel with Two and JaymE into Season 6.

It's good because you can actually watch parts of this season.

This is where the Cyberdudes started to be brought to the forefront as the true Dalek replacements, where the Voords, Chumblies and later the Quarks would fail.

Serials of Season 5

Episode Title Written By Description
The Tomb of the Cybermen Kit Pedler & Gerry Davis The Doctor and Joomoo instantly take the newly orphaned Victoria to a tomb filled with hibernating Cybermen and some dumbass archaeologists who want to revive them for "we can find a way to control them and use their powers!" purposes, that obviously doesn't work out and they all end up converted or dead. Features Toberman on strings and Victoria instantly falling asleep from drugged coffee.
The Abominable Snowmen Mervyn Haisman & Henry Lincoln The Doctor jizzes himself with excitement over arriving at the Himalayas and ends up getting caught by monks at a monastery. Meanwhile, Debbie's dad is hunting down the real yeti but ends up finding robot versions.
The Ice Warriors Brian Hayles In the Winter Wonderland known as the Ice Age 5000 years from now, Ice Warriors turn up on a base in ice cubes and melt out to start wrecking shit up for some reason I can barely remember.
The Enemy of the World David Whitaker The TARDIS lands in 2018, where the Doctor is mistaken for Donald Trump Salamander by assassins. The Doctor's then gotta pretend to be Salamander to help spies infiltrate his plans and find out about the dastardly deeds he's been up to, including causing volcanic eruptions and keeping some hoomanz trapped 300 miles underground or something.
The Web of Fear Mervyn Haisman & Henry Lincoln The 10 IQ Intelligence turns up in the London Undergound and brings the Yeti with it, hoping to nom the Doctor's mind and absorb his knowledge while spreading its web across the city.
Fury from the Deep Victor Pemberton Sentient seaweed possesses people and jizzes everywhere because what else would you expect sentient seaweed to do? Meanwhile Victoria starts having doubts about travelling in time.
The Wheel in Space David Whitaker The TARDIS fucks up and needs Mercury in order to continue working, so the Doctor and Jamie go on a space station where the Cybermen come out of egg things and start doing their Cyber shenanigans of surviving and all that crap. Zoe finds Jamie so hot that she decides to start travelling with him and the Doc.


The Tomb of the Cybermen is one of those really obvious choices for the best Troughton story considering it's one of the few to survive in its entirety, and it is often considered to be highly overrated by sections of the fandom, but y'know what? Fuck you, this story is GOAT. Sure, the plot ain't exactly the best, but what Tomb succeeds in is it's atmosphere. The music is some of the best the show has ever produced, and it fits fantastically with the darkly lit revitalization and laser rooms, not to mention the snowy tombs themselves. Also Patty is on top form, especially in that scene where he tells Victoria to git gud. And yes the fact that a black guy is a servant to a white chick is a lil problematic, but it's redeemed by the fact that he actually ends up saving everyone's asses in the end, so there - it's both racist AND progressive... but then again, he ends up dying at the end, so erm... one step forward, two steps back? 9/10

The Abominable Snowmen is another story that relies heavily on its atmosphere, however it does suffer from not existing because those recons are boring as fuck. Even then, the story does have its problems with the Yeti costumes looking too cuddly and the Great Intelligence being a pretty crap villain, but ah well. Maybe it'll be goodlier if it ever turns up. 4/10

The Ice Warriors is alright, but a little overlong and kinda boring. The stuff with the titular villains is pretty good, but there's also a subplot with some base leader guy who can't rely on people, as well as a couple hobo characters who stay away from the base for some reason, and neither of these are particularly well developed or particularly interesting. Ah well, at least Tratty gets a few good lines in. 5/10

This season really starts picking up though with The Enemy of the World. Patty gets to play two characters, and he is absolutely fucking orgasmic as both of them, delivering some of his finest performances as them. The direction is superb, especially the early beach scenes and the part where the Doctah and Salmonander meet in the TARDIS. On top of that, you've got an intriguing story about dictatorship and doppelganger fun, with some pretty neat characters like Giles Kent and Astrid Ferrier (certainly beats the crappy RTD Astrid). GO WATCH. 9/10

The Web of Fear continues the GOATNESS by being an unexpected good sequel to a meh story. While the Great Intelligence continues to be a shit villain, the Yeti themselves are now creepy fuckers with web guns and large glowing eyes, and they inhabit the dark and gloomy London Underground and are taking it over with a giant foamy web thing. The Brigabigdick is a pretty charming fellow if I do say so myself, and the sets are so realistic that the London Underground genuinely believed that the BBC filmed on their premises without their permission, when of course they didn't, they made the sets themselves you dumb cunts. But yeah, excellent. 9/10

Fury from the Deep is the fourth really GOAT story from this season and easily the best. Who knew that Victor Pemberton could pull a Steven Moffat and make seaweed scary? The music's chilling too, and Victoria's goodbye is quite possibly the most well handled of all the TV companions, and it's actually heartbreaking. There's also a sequence where the Doctor flies a helicopter, and Oak and Quill are creepy motherfuckers. Basically, this story's only flaw is that we can't actually watch the fucking thing. 10/10

The Wheel in Space finishes off the season with, unfortunately, a rather dull affair, hoever that may only be because it's mostly missing. Then again, most of the plot only really happens in part 6 anyway, so this story is a bit of a drag regardless of its archival status. Still, there's a lot to admire about it. The first two episodes with Two and Jamie alone on the rocket are pretty atmospheric, Zoe's a decent character, and the new Cyberman design is cool withe the tear ducts and stuff. The surviving episodes are also pretty good. It also leads into Evil of the Daleks again, so if you end up hating it then you can be instantly reminded of a better story. 5/10

While Season 4 was rather good, Season 5 is based af. Ya got a GOAT TARDIS team and a collection of pretty high quality stories. Troughtfish's best season, no contest. 9/10

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