Season 4

Season 4 (Series -22)
That face when you realise none of your work survives.
That face when you realise none of your work survives.
About Time
Began 10 September 1966
Ended 1 July 1967
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Series -22 was a big turning point in the history of TorroT Tor, with a few notable firsts and lasts occurring within this small stretch of stories.

Billy Boop reprised his role as the Doctor, only for him to drop dead and be replaced by Poughton Tatrick as the Doctor, marking the first regeneration. Ben and Polly continued on from the end of last season and fucked off before the end of this one, and they were replaced by Buffers. Additionally, Mojo was introduced in the final pure historical on TV (ignore Black Orchid; everyone else does). It was the beginning for the Cybermen and "the end" for the Daleks.

"Wow, so many standout moments!" I hear you say, "I wanna go watch it!"

Well, you can't. Sorry.

Serials of Season 4

Episode Title Written by Description
The Smugglers Brian Hayles Filler before Hartnell's final story. There's probably only like 5 people in the world who care enough about it to actually know the plot, and I'm not one of them.
The Tenth Planet Kit Pedler & Gerry Davis The year is 1986, and another planet has appeared in the sky! From it come the Cyberbermen, who want to wrap cloths on the human's faces and incompetently tape a car headlight to their foreheads (i.e., converting them into Cyberbermen). The Doctor tries his best to stop it, but finds himself conveniently fainting for entire episodes while Ben handles all the dirty work and Polly puts the kettle on.
The Power of the Daleks David Whitaker & Dennis Spooner The newly regenerated Doktah, Ben and Polly go into a different franchise altogether and land on one of it's fictional planets to stop a bunch of Daleks from being devious. You've likely experienced this as an ear story or with Animated Second Doctor.
The Highlanders Elwyn Jones & Gerry Davis Ehhh, no one really remembers what happens in this one either. It's only claim to fame is that it's the introductory story for Jamie.
The Underwater Menace Geoffrey Orme The TARDIS crew stumble upon ancient Atlantis before Azal and Kronos independently co-fucked it up, where a mad scientist is planning to drain all the Earth's oceans into the crust/mantle/core (I can't fucking remember the specifics) to raise Atlantis from submersion, even if it results in the entire planet being blown apart.
The Moonbase Kit Pedler The Cybermen are on the egg moon and want to take control of a weather control station to fuck up Earth's atmosphere to destroy all life on the planet. And if that wasn't bad enough, Jamie hits his head and Polly has to make more coffee.
The Macra Terror Ian Stewart Black THE MACRA ARE REAL THE MACRA ARE REAL THE MACRA ARE REAL Whoops, why is this column here? It shouldn't be; I mean, we all know the Macra don't exist.
The Faceless Ones David Ellis & Malcolm Hulke Gatwick Airport is secretly home to some aliens who don't have personality, so they kidnap Ben, Polly and a bunch of kids, stuff em in boxes and assume their identity. So basically, they were the Zygons before the Zygons were the Zygons, who themselves were the Slitheen before the Slitheen were the Slitheen.
The Evil of the Daleks David Whitaker The Daleks want to adopt human qualities in order to survive, except they don't. They capture the Doctor and Jamie and manipulate them into giving them the Dalek Factor, a... thing that will help them turn all of humanity into moar Daleks. Loads of shenanigans inside a Victorian house, with the "death" of the Daleks at the end.


The Smugglers is dull... There, that's all I can say about it. Probably the First Doctor story that people care about the least. 4/10

The Tenth Planet is pretty decent. Regardless of its production troubles which are more glaring than the writers wanted it to be, its ambition can still be appreciated. The Cybermen look pretty creepy and Hartnell still has a magnetic screen presence despite his reduced appearance in the story and failing health. The physics are a little screwed up; how the fuck Earth and the other planets' orbits aren't disturbed by Mondas' return I guess we'll never know, but it's still a pretty decent concept that we have a secret twin planet. 7/10

The Power of the Daleks has gone on to get the reputation of being pretty much the best Dalek story ever, and is one of the most highly sought after missing stories. It's not hard to see why, Troughton is very enigmatic, and the Daleks are really creepy at points. I personally wouldn't quite say it's the best story ever, but then again who am I? I'm just some random wiki page creator who's opinion (and existence in general) is pretty much irrelevant in the grand scheme of the universe. But yeah, 8/10

The Highlanders is okay. I remember more about it than I do with The Smugglers, but still not a lot. That's the problem with these totally missing stories. Jamie could've been brought onboard in a much better way, but there's nothing truly awful in this. Polly doesn't put on the kettle this time, but instead she takes on the role of Jack and Jill as she goes up the hill to fetch some water, before capturing a redcoat and pretending to be a prostitute. Trought also slams some dude's face against a table in order to help him sleep... or to cure his headache, I forget which. It's a laugh. 7/10

The Underwater Menace is... holy crap, this story is awful... if you take life way too seriously. And let's be real here; this is the Doctor Who fandom we're talking about, we take everything too seriously. Just kick back and enjoy the absolute madness on display here. Enjoy just how OTT Professor Zaroff is. Enjoy the retarded-arse fish people and their mindfuck of a ballet. Enjoy Polly pretending to be a god. Just for once, don't take things so seriously and GET A SENSE OF HUMOUR, DAMMIT... Woo, sorry, don't know what came over me there. Yeah, this story is fabulous. 8/10

The Moonbase is fun. I mean, the plot makes 0% sense, but what does that matter? At least the Cybermen are actually menacing for once - I'll take what I can get. This is the story where Troughton finally figures out how to play the role, and he becomes the Second Doctor we all know and love. The Cybermen's voices are a little too deep in this one, and I wish they called the humans retarded like they do in the novelisation - c'mon, if they were allowed to say a racial slur one season ago, then surely they could've gotten away with calling the humans something salty, but I digress. This story's great, fuck you if you think otherwise. 8/10

The Macra Terror is a pretty generic base under siege story to be honest There's nothing truly bad about it, but it'll be extremely surprising if this ever made your favourites list. The Macra themselves were done far better in Gridlock, and all they do there is grab cars. Ben gets to be interesting for once as he ends up getting brainwashed by the Macra, but it's really sad how enemies have to literally change a character's personality in order for them to stick out. Polly gets a neat haircut though. The Macra don't exist. They aren't real. 6/10

The Faceless Ones is pretty decent. It does have an especially creepy atmosphere, especially in the cliffhangers to part one and five. Ben and Polly... probably deserved a much better final outing, but contracts are a bitch yo. Jamie finally gets to stand on his own two feet without cluelessly looking over to Ben and going "Eh?" every minute or two, and he even gets his first romantic escapade in the form of Samantha Briggs. And guess what? It doesn't get in the way of the plot! You hear that NuWho?! 9/10

The Evil of the Daleks is GOAT. That's right, GOATer than Power. I said it, fite me m9. For one, it's with Troughton at the height of his powers and with his Doctor's personality completely fleshed out. Second, there's Jamie. Third, the Daleks' plan is more interesting. The ending is also really effective, with Victoria's father dying in the cold and eerie-sounding Dalek city corridor with his only hope being that the Doctor will look after his daughter, and also the Doctor's powerful final words. Who doesn't get much better than this. 10/10

In conclusion, this is a pretty decent season for the show. It's not without flaws, and it's easily the weakest run of the 60s, but c'mon now... This vs. Season 19? Season 21? Series 9? Exactly, no contest. 7/10

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