Season 26

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>tfw it's your last season
>tfw it's your last season
About Time
Began 6 September 1989
Ended 6 December 1989
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Season 25 The Lost Season 2 / Series 1

Season 20Dicks (or series 0 if you're out of your fucking mind) was really really sad because it was the third and final season of the Seventh Doctor era, the ninth (?!) and final season of the JNT era, and - if the title didn't make it obvious enough - the twenty-sixth and final season of Classic Who.

Sylvester the cat reprises his role as Sexy Seven, and Sophie Aldred plays Ace onscreen for the last time before the character goes on to become a Time Lord/get killed by a bomb explosion/leave to set up A Charitable Earth/gets pissed with the Doctor for allowing some lover guy she just met to get killed on a planet called Heaven/Continues to travel with McCock with Hex joining in later, depending on whatever source of non-canonness you prefer to feed off of.

Serials of Season 26

Episode Title Written by Description
Battlefield Ben Aaronovitch Knights from the legend of King Arthur are crossing over to our universe from a parallel one (no not that one, or that one) and the Brig turns up for some reason. Oh, and Jean Marsh. McCock starts turning edgy around this point.
Ghost Light Marc Platt McCock fucks with Ace by taking her to some house she burned down as a kid when her best friend got killed in a racist attack, and they discover spoopy aliens living in the basement, as well as some camp glowing dude who's pissed at everyone changing.
The Curse of Fenric Ian Briggs Landing in WW2, the Doca and Ace encounter some creepy long-nailed blue zombie people who like water and hate faith. Also, there's a guy in a wheelchair who turns out to be some demon dude who fucked Ace and lost a chessmatch to the Doctor or something.
Survival Rona Munro Ace goes back to her home town, where she discovers that all her best friends have been kidnapped by cats. Turns out the Mattress is behind it all, and Ace gets horny over a cat lady (hawt). She and the Doc then walk off into the sunset to embark on new adventures.


This is an incredible series. Ace is developed really well here, and the Doctor's manipulative side is executed really well.

Battlefield is the weakest of the season, but even so it's still alright. The characters are interesting (Winifred Bambera is GOAT) and are all portrayed well, and the Destroyer looks awesome. The concept of knights and the Doctor being Merlin are a little bit daft, but ah well. 6/10

Ghost Light is the debut Who work of our lord and saviour Marc Platt, and thankfully his debut work is very good. Kind of confusing towards the end, but it has a very eerie atmosphere which is helped by the creepy inhabitants of the mansion, who are constantly recommending that you use JavaScript. The Husks look good, Ace looks smashing in all the outfits she wears here, and there are some excellent moments including the policeman who gets turned into soup, and the priest who devolves into a monkey. Watch if you want to be spooped, or to just think "wtf did I just watch?". 8/10

The Curse of Fenric also has a creepy atmosphere, especially in its later half during the storm and in the scenes with Fenric. The Haemovores look creepy and there's loads of chilling moments surrounding them. One notable problem is that the Doctor appears to be on crack during the first half of the story because he's constantly going from location to location and spending a mere couple of minutes at each one without giving any explanation as to why. Regardless, McCoy gives an especially good performance in this one, especially when he's fucking with Ace's trust in the final scenes, and Ace herself is great here, especially in that subplot with the baby. 8/10

And so, we come to the finale of Classic Who; Survival. And what a great way to finish off the original show. McCoy and Aldred are sublime in this (as are their characters), ANTHONY FUCKING AINLEY, some truly moving scenes and an overall brilliant plot. GOAT. 9/10

GOAT season. RIP Classic Who, you had a good run. Shame it was never as good again on TV. 8/10

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