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The Doctor chillin' with his stone-cold-ass Dalek niggas.
The Doctor chillin' with his stone-cold-ass Dalek niggas.
About Time
Began 5 October 1988
Ended 4 January 1989
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This needs to be done.

And so it will. Give me a moment.

Season 25 (also referred to as Series -1 by literally no one) was the mark of a new age: Namely in that JNT finally let the script editor do his fucking job, and the show suddenly improved.

Now go to Eric Saward and apologize to him for blaming him for all of the show's prior flaws. Andrew Cartmel wasn't doing any better than Saward was until JNT finally stepped back.

This season is notable for being the return of Based McCock as the Darkter, and the return of your waifu as his companion.

This season is also notable for introducing the Cartmel Masterplan. What the Cartmel Masterplan is changed considerably over the years, but going with the novelizations of these episodes and the Season 26 episodes, how it originally played out was that the Doctor was loomed from the material of the Other, who was a condensed, humanoid body of the original force of Goodness and Light in the same way that Fenric was once the original force of Darkness and Evil. When the Big Bang happened, these two forces split up like Zac Afron and Sami Miró, and some of Fenric's essence apparently got transferred to Pythia, who represented Margaret Thatcher...

...Yeah, Andrew Cartmel's goal in his written work for this series and the next was, according to him, to overthrow the Margaret Thatcher. Interestingly, he seldom ever brought up her legitimate flaws, and even criticized her for a couple of the things she did right, which made one wonder if he only didn't like her because he wished the Labour Party did the same things first, and also because he wanted the Soviet Union to win...

...and then you watch Season 26 and realize that this is probably exactly the case.

Furthermore, Andrew Cartmel's Masterplan was also to make the Doctor special and the Time Lords gods because The Deadly Assassin and the presence of both the Black and White guardians ruined his headcanon, and he wanted to make everything exactly the way it was when Patrick Troughton was the Doctor.

Oh well. So Cartmel wasn't the genius, noble hero everybody made him out to be after all. However, Robert Holmes was an incredibly annoying person too, but he was still a good writer! The same could be said about Cartmel.

Serials of Season 25

Episode Title Written by Description
Remembrance of the Daleks Ben Aaronovitch The Daleks are engaged in a massive civil war based entirely around racism. It is divided between white Daleks and black Daleks. Times haven't changed much since then.
The Happiness Patrol Graeme Curry The Doctor and your waifu end up on a world ran by the ultimate monster: Margaret Thatcher!
Silver Nemesis Kevin Clarke Another Cyberman story the writers were barely interested in, probably because the Cyber-conversion process is something they know they aren't allowed to explore. And then one day Moffat says "fuck that!". There are Nazis here, but it's kinda dumb.
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Stephen Wyatt The McCock takes your waifu to what she fears the most, clowns, because somehow that will develop her. Given that it turns out that the circus is based on the BBC, they will have plenty of clowns to face.


Kinda overrated? You bet! But if the Second and Fourth Doctors are proof of anything, "overrated" and "bad" are rarely synonymous. In fact, it is the good things that get overrated the most.

Remembrance of the Daleks is a solid start to a solid season. It's basically, "what if Michael Bay directed Doctor Who, but Jared Bush wrote the script?" It's a lot more GOAT than it sounds. Like Revelation of the Daleks, Aaronovitch wisely chose to not make Davros and the Daleks share the same screentime, but unlike Revelation of the Daleks, his route was to more strongly emphasize the Daleks over Davros, which was just as good, if not miles better. Oh, and the Seventh moves on from being a bland Troughton ripoff to a truly sneaky bastard who gets Skaro either blown up or over-irradiated. Either way, the Daleks can't live there anymore (at least, not for another 8 years). 8/10

The Happiness Patrol is horribly overrated for strictly political reasons, but saying that the story is too perfect for being anti-Thatcher is just as biased and shallow as saying that it is too terrible for being a Thatcher character assassination. I mostly just wish that, if you really have to go after Thatcher, why not address her actual flaws instead saying "she's too happy" or "her staff are too gay!" like a petulant YouTuber with a grade-school education? That being said, this is infinitely more solid than Silver Nemesis. It's creative, it's funny, and it's never, ever boring. 7/10.

Silver Nemesis is easily the weakest of this season. It has magic and Neo-Nazis in it, but the connections to the Cybermen are shoehorned and they are actually kind of depicted wrong, which is actually very sad because Neo-Nazis are like a charicature made real, so missing a chance to get them right is like losing to a pineapple in a game of chess. Oh, and the Cybermen are written as though the writers are barely interested in them. Which was probably actually the case, given that back then, to explore the Cyber-conversion process would have been too much for both their effects budget and the standards of decency at the time, and that these were ultra-traditionalist writers who probably only wanted to do new monsters, the Daleks, and the Master, like any ultra-traditionalist Whovian would. 5/10.

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy was the Greatest Show of this season, and its very premise, a self-deprecating take on how Doctor Who was ending up at the time, alternates between arrogantly "fuck you audiences for not watching this show" and humbly admitting "yes, we fucked up", leaning more towards the latter most of the time, and it's a lot more GOAT than it sounds. Oh, and McCoy is at his most McCoy in this one, truly epic to watch. 8/10, not giving it any less.

So, overall, this series was a 7/10. It was a sudden and sharp improvement over the prior season, and the next season would be even better still...

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