Season 24

Series -2
Already regretting his involvement.
Already regretting his involvement.
About Time
Began 7 September 1987
Ended 7 December 1987
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Season 24 (better known by the canon name series -2) is without a doubt the best season of Classic Who, and Doctor Who as a whole. Those hyper-camped up performances and cheesy musical scores have most certainly aged very well, and the tone of the season doesn't feel obnoxious or overbearingly cheery at all. That prick from last season was axed and replaced with Sylvester McCoy in the most respectable, fair and dignified manner possible (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA), with Bonnie Wangford reprising her role as Mel's pubic bush, because of all the characters JNT/Grade had to kill off in an attempt to make the viewing experience actually tolerable, it didn't cross their tiny little minds that it should probably be the one which annoyed viewers the most. On the plus side, she gets joined (and eventually replaced) by Face played by Sophie Aldred, who reeked so much GOATNESS that she somehow managed to make McCoy's Doctor actually GOAT in later seasons.

Serials of Season 24

Episode Title Written By Description
Time and the Rani Pip and Jane Baker Not-Sixth Doctor regenerates into the Seventh Doctor, who has to stop the Rani's evil plan of kidnapping geniuses to power a giant brain that will calculate the trajectory of a missile that will strike a highly volatile asteroid which she hopes the shards of which will come down and destroy the planet she's conducting the experiments on... for science? Also, Tetraps.
Paradise Towers Stephen Wyatt There's a building filled with groups of violent teens, cannibalistic grannies, campy Nazi-parodying caretakers and homicidal cleaning machines patrolling the hallways... but none of that is gonna stop Mel from achieving her lifelong dream of finding the god damned swimming pool.
Delta and the Bannermen Malcolm Kohll A bunch of guys with red tongues want to kill the last survivor of a near extinct race because they're mean, so she decides to hide at a holiday resort in the 50s while giving boners to a guy who is not at all astounded that her baby is a green blob, as the Doctor and Mel spend the whole story protecting her.
Dragonfire Ian Briggs The Doctor and Mel meet up with based pimp Glitz and his hooker Ace on an ice planet to hunt for dragon treasure that some guy in a freezer is also hunting for because he's a criminal exile or something.


Right, I'll say this: if you enjoy the campiness of the RTD era, you might get enjoyment out of this. If however you yearn for gothic Philip Hinchcliffe-style horror, Moffat's moody complexity or anything even remotely sincere, you may want to steer the hell clear of this season. These stories make Aliens of London look like Genesis of the Daleks.

Time and the Rani abruptly begins Season 24 with an adventure already in full swing akin to Human Nature (although most reasonable people would probably agree that comparing Time and the Rani to Human Nature is bordering on sacrilege), with the Tereleptils shooting down the Doctor's TARDIS and causing the death of the Sixth Doctor. Until Big Finish (and the books, depending on which way you swing) came along and corrected JNT's shit, fans generally assumed that Six died by hitting his head on the console, but the thing is the story itself never officially states a reason as to why he regenerates; the Rani literally just struts in like "haha rip u" and the story just shrugs it off. The rest of the plot is actually pretty dark yet the tone of the production acts like it's an episode of My Little Pony, with a morose and honestly quite brutal death of a child being immediately overshadowed by campy scenes of Kate O'Mara dressing up and pretending to be Bonnie Langford. I guess if you're used to the tonal inconsistency of NuWho then you might be alright with that, but even then this story may seem like a bit too much to take in if you're not an avid viewer of CBBC. 5/10.

Paradise Towers, depending on your view, is either a masterpiece of campness or the most insufferable story ever produced, and in both cases you're right. Richard Briers is hamming it up as an incompetent comedy space Hitler, there are some old bitches paying homage to Hanzel and Gretel by inviting youngins in for tea only to end up cannibalizing them, and of course a bunch of infighting groups of teenagers. Also the main villain of the story seems to be neon pink versions of K9's ears constantly screaming "HUNGRY", which later on end up possessing Richard Briers' character. And of course, none of this phases Mel so long as she reaches that bloody swimming pool. Despite it's obnoxiously upbeat tone though, the plot is at least functional. 5/10

Delta and the Bannermen is usually the most overlooked of the season and probably one of the most overlooked stories in all of Classic Who, because when all is said and done it's really inconsequential. Sure, that could be said for plenty of episodes - you could take Image of the Fendahl out of Season 15 and not lose much, but Delta takes it to an extreme where even events occurring within the story don't matter later on in the same runtime. For example, there's some guy who has a crush on Delta and begins taking her Chimeron medicine to transform himself into one of her kind without her knowing; she scorns him upon finding out, but later on is just like "okehdokeh u can come with me". Additionally in the second part, a bus full of people die in a graphic and brutal way, and yet by the end of the story it's all sunshine and rainbows and upbeat music that makes the Peppa Pig theme tune sound like screamo death metal in comparison. The worst aspect of the story by far though is a pointless subplot with some American characters looking for their lost space probe, and it's just boring unfunny filler. Only watch this one if you can also tolerate cheesy shit like New Earth. 5/10

Dragonfire finishes up the season (don't worry, it'll all be over soon) by reintroducing Glitz (who probably no one remembered considering the lack of enthusiasm that Trial of a Time Lord received from viewers at the time) on a quest to find some lost treasure on an ice planet somewhere. There isn't a lot to say about this one, as despite being only three episodes long it doesn't really have all that much substance to it. Kane is decently acted and the stuff with him branding people is 2spoopy I guess. The infamous "cliff-hanger" is about as bad and ridiculous as everyone says it is, and fuck that annoying little girl who befriends the dragon throughout the story. Still, the story ends on a high note by bringing onboard the best companion of the 80s and throwing out one of the worst, and it can only go uphill from here. 5/10

So that's Season 24. The review is the review. 5/10

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