Season 2

Season 2 (Series -24)
That smug look. YOU JUST KNOW.
That smug look. YOU JUST KNOW.
About Time
Began 31 October 1964
Ended 24 July 1965
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Season 2 of Doctor WAAH further added to this massive pile of shit we all know and love to hate. Akin to Season 1, it also featured several firsts, such as the first companion departure and the first time any piece of lore was completely forgotten about retconned. Seriously, not two years in and the writers already can't decide on what's canon and what isn't. It also doesn't help when it's the same shitty writer retconning his own shitty episode. What a joke.

Unlike Season 1, it was far more consistent and steady on its feet. This was also Lambert's last full season as producer, which is bad because Lambert probably had a stroke due to the fact that the BBC probably blackmailed her into leaving, but good because it gave way to the short but glorious Wiles era.

Oh yeah, starring Bill Heart failure as Doka Hmm?, Jackie Mountain as Babwa, Why didn't he return for Series 8? as Sir Ian Jaffacake, Carolannford as Susan (for a little bit), Maureen O'Brien as Orphan girl and Peter Purves as Based Steven (as opposed to Demon Steven).

Serials of Season 2

Episode Title Written by Description
Planet of Giants Louis Marks The TARDIS team meet Ant-Man and somehow prevent the end of the world by getting a guy arrested for murder and illegal experimentation? I guess? All while being less than an inch tall.
The Dalek Invasion of Earth Terry Nation The crew arrives in the year 2164 to find Earth ruled by the Daleks. They meet the local resistance, go to a quarry (which the Doctor will revisit many times over the years), and free themselves of Susan's tyrannical reign.
The Rescue David Whitaker The Doctor rescues (get it?) Vicki from herself, after she considers suicide out of sheer boredom. Oh, and Ian also murders her pet.
The Romans Dennis Spooner The Doctor giggles maniaclly as Rome burns. Barbara is sold as a sex slave, and Ian must fight lots of gladiators to free her.
The Web Planet Bill Strutton GIANT BUGS AND SHIT. But mostly shit.
The Crusade David Whitaker After Barbara is sold into sex slavery for the second time this season, based Chatterfeld goes to save her. Again. Also political intrigue at the court of King Richard that centres around gender politics.
The Space Museum Glyn Jones The travellers get stuck in a paradox, and eventually lead a violent revolution to free themselves. I guess they also freed the Xerons, but that was just an accident.
The Chase Terry Nation The Daleks rig themselves a time machine and pursue the Doctor through eternity. We also say goodbye to the only good companions the show has ever had, while Steven joins up.
The Time Meddler Dennis Spooner The Doctor discovers one his own people intends to severly ater the course of history, and although only four stories ago that waasn't a problem, for some reason it now is. Oh well, the Monk is cool and the ending is clever.


As stated in the opening paragraph, Season 2 boasts a far more confident tone than Season 1. This is seen in the production of an additional serial (as opposed to Season 1), and the generally consistent quality in Season 2. It has a few duds here and there, but also some pretty excellent stories to level it all out.

As an opener, Planet of Giants accomplishes exactly what it needs to. It reaffirms the already established characters of Ian, Barbara, Susan, and the Doctor while presenting what is (or rather, was at the time) a fresh story that didn't tread any already trodden (trodded?) ground. The pacing is pretty nice, and that's only because Lambert watched the original four part version and said "Jesus Christ Louis parts three and four are so slow I want to drink bleach. Can't you just, like, edit the last two into one?". This was one of the few good pacing decisions made in the early years of Who. It also holds the distinguished honor of being one of the few three part stories ever produced. All in all, a solid story that tells the audience "Yeah, you haven't seen fuck all yet. Stick around, it can only get more aneurysm inducing better from here on out." 8/10

And now we come to the first really complicated mess of a story in Who. The Dalek Invasion of Earth is a struggle of a story for multiple reasons. One, it's really exciting to see the Daleks back, and it appears as if they've already won. But two, didn't their last story make it explicitly clear that they moved using static electricity? That's okay, they have those shiny new disks on their back! But wait, couldn't they only survive in atmosphere that was completely irradiated, and therefore lethal to all other life forms? Yeah, fuck you. Terry doesn't really give a shit about continuity. He knows you're only here for that hot, sweaty, sexy Dalek action. And there's plenty of that. But it's also slow in places, which is a problem the T-Man just can't seem to overcome when it comes to his beloved pepper pots of death. It's also important to note that in this story the Daleks have no knowledge of the Doctor's identity, or his companions. NOTE THIS. This is also Susan's final story, thank god. It's kind of foreshadowed in World's End, which is a good move IMO. The entire story touches on her character and subtly builds up to her departure, which is only a good thing because we got: the departure of the most annoying and (generally) useless companion; the GOAT "first farewell" speech from BASED Hartnell; and the arrival of the much more tolerable and likable Vicki in the next serial. All in all, enjoyable and interesting, lives up to the already established Dalek legacy, but suffers from slow pacing and dull moments here and there. 7/10 (It also spawned one of the most canon Doctor Who films of all time.)

The Rescue is interesting in that it references one of the Doctor's past adventures, lending credence to the DEEPEST LORE. It also introduces Vicki, who is a real qt and miles ahead of Susan in character for the simple fact that she doesn't scream after every other line. The twist with Koquillion at the end is also nice, but is kind of spoiled because it's implied from like the very start. Anyways, after TDIoE, it's a nice break from all the whooshywhooshy epic stuff.

The Romans is one of the best serials of the season and is one of the best First Doctor stories ever. It's comedic without stooping to the level of farting aliens (this was back when showrunners actually had some goddamn dignity), and doesn't insult the intelligence of it's audience. The Ian/Barbara post-coital antics are top tier comfy and good for the soul. The Doctor's character in this serial also lends credence to the idea that he is very young here, as he is incredibly silly and prone to devious pranks in this story. Once again, DEEPEST LORE. I really like this story and I smile every time I remember the BBC didn't sacrifice the copies to Satan. 10/10

The Web Planet. Ahhhhhhhh. Yeah. This is the lowest point of the season. While I didn't think it was as unbearable as others do, it is a disastrously slow story where nothing happens, save The Centre. It's just three hours of walking, screaming, separation, giant bugs and poor Billy forgetting almost all of his lines. That's what makes it really hard to watch; the realization that Hartnell's health is starting to decline. HE DIDN'T WANT TO GO. 3/10

After the previous piece of shit, The Crusade feels incredibly fast paced and enjoyable. It's apparent that good ol' Davey Whitaker was trying not to take sides here, except for the part where the antagonist is, in fact, a Paki. Even though this is the only serial missing episodes in Season 2 (which is a fucking godsend), it manages to be pretty enjoyable and keeps you interested. 8/10

The Space Museum is one of the first serials to deal with the issue of determinism versus free will, and starts the frustratingly predictable formula of "oh no, a paradox! How will we ever escape?" Through lots and lots of bullshit, that's how. It's not a bad story, and does address some rather deep philosophical issues for a tea-time kids show, but the ending feels too much like a cop out, as the whole paradox thing usually does. 5/10

The Chase. Man. So many good things, so many bad things. It tugs at the heartstrings, because you really don't want Chitterbones or Barbara to leave, but you also don't want them to end up as atoms floating throughout Spain. On the other hand, how the hell do the Daleks know who the Doctor and his companions are? And wait, with these solar panel things, they can go anywhere? What happened to the disks? And the radiation thing? Oh, yeah. Fuck. You. That continuity shit isn't important, you just wanna see those Daleks go on a mad dash after the Doctor throughout time and space, don't you? Terry knows you're a slut for his Daleks, so you'll take whatever he gives you. This story also introduces Steven, who grows to be based, but not quite as based as Cumberbundles. In fact, Steven is quite brash in this story. His character really mellows out by the time he leaves, but I'll save that for later. All in all, The Chase is a pretty good story, but I dunno if I'd call it a good Dalek story (although they are fucking hilarious in it). 8/10

DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPEEEEEEESSSSSSTTTTTTTT LLLLLLOOOOOOOORRRRRRREEEEEE. In The Time Meddler, we finally meet another Time Lord (even though we still don't know what the fuck a Time Lord is), the Monk. The Time Meddler is pretty cool, as it establishes the concept of the Time Lords without spoiling literally everything about them. We know the Doctor's people are powerful, and now we get just a glimpse of how powerful they are. Steven is a little annoying in this story, but the interactions between the Doctor and the Monk are fascinating and worth the entire serial IMO. The end of the story with the TARDIS teams faces super imposed over the cosmos is also pretty cool. 9/10 Oh, and Vicki fucks up the TARDIS acronym, which will go on to make millions of fanboys scream at each other over the internet for the next fifty years.

This season was pretty awesome. Some dumb parts here and there, but all in all a general improvement over Season 1. 8/10

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