Season 19

Series -7
"This shit show will be all I'm remembered for for years to come, won't it?"
"This shit show will be all I'm remembered for for years to come, won't it?"
About Time
Began 4 January 1982
Ended 30 March 1982
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Season 19 was the first season in 7 years where Tmo Bakor was not the Doctor, ergo it was the first shit season of Doctor Who ever.

Twas the second season of the JNT era, and it starred Peter David's Son as the dashing, breathless, constantly fainting, using-celery-as-a-dildo Fifth Doctor, and three other people as Four's orphaned children that Five had to adopt.

This season's not exactly terrible, but it's a huge step backwards from Season 18, and many would testify that Season 18 was a huge step back in itself.

Tho on the bright side, the fooken Cyberdudes came back after 7 years! GET HYPE!

Pretty good season for soundtracks too.

Serials of Season 19

Episode Title Written By Description
Castrovalva Christopher H. Bidmead Now that the Mattress has achieved sexual satisfaction from taking a chunk of the Doctor's life away, he now aims to achieve further sexual satisfaction from kidnapping Adric and forcing him to make a fantasy world with a GOAT soundtrack where the Doctor can run around like an autistic child with Tegan and Nyssa stumbling around after him.
Four to Doomsday Terence Dudley The TARDIS lands on a pretty decent looking spaceship, where there are three humanoid toad things that are flying to Earth and intend to replace the population of Earth with androids. Featuring Adric being a brat, Tegan having a hilarious hissy fit, and the Doctor and Nyssa falling asleep at every opportunity.
Kinda Christopher Bailey Tegan falls asleep near some windchimes on a forest planet and has a snake that she doesn't like enter her without her consent. Meanwhile, Adric and the Doctor are babysitting some manchild leader guy who doesn't know how to leader or something, while studying the indigenous lifeforms of the planet. Oh, and Nyssa's asleep.
The Visitation Eric Saward After trying to take Tegan home and fucking it up, the Doctor and co get caught in some random alien shenanigans involving a blinged up robot, deadly rats, Nyssa repairing her stereo, and the Doctor accidentally causing the great fire of London or something.
Black Orchid Terence Dudley They go to a garden party, Nyssa looks like some chick called Anne, and that chick's deformed boyfriend kidnaps Nyssa thinking she's his girlfriend.
Earthshock Eric Saward The Cyberbermen are back, and they wanna blow up Earth despite it being a source of valuable human resources to convert, but whatever. They try it with a bomb in a cave system, and then with a space freighter. Both of these fail btw. Oh, and Adric dies.
Time-Flight Peter Grimwade Planes are disappearing because some fat genie is kidnapping them, except he's not a fat genie at all but the Master, who wants to break into a box or something and control some aliens with a cool name. The Doctor and Nyssa then ditch Tegan to go on many sexy adventures together.


Pfffffft... S'alright?

Castrovalva is trippy and whimsical and stuff, so if you like fantasy stories like The Mind Robber then you'll be totally onboard with this story. Peter Davison does spend a lot of time acting like he's precious though. Ah well, can't beat that GOAT soundtrack. 8/10

Four to Doomsday has an interesting premise and fantastic looking sets, I'll give it that. It's just a shame that the final product is executed in the most mind-rottingly boooooooring way imaginable. Every one of the main cast is either irritating as fuck or just plain boring. Maybe you'll get a kick out of Peter Davison flying in space, but I doubt it. This thing is fun-devoid drivel. 2/10

Kinda is the best serial of the 80s. Unquestionably. All of the JNT era's ambition and willingness to take on abstract, experimental themes but not of the indulgence and excess. Continues the running theme introduced in Castrovalva about recursion and predestination, this time by jamming up various creation and genesis myths into the same story. It's fucking rad and the most literate Doctor Who serial ever. 10/10

The Visitation is a decent story. Pretty much typical 80s Who, just a fun - if flawed - runaround with silly looking rubber monsters chasing them through abandoned villers and woods, with Tegan becoming a victim of Capture and Escape and being mind controlled for the runtime, so fortunately you only really have to hear her nagging for part 1. The Target Novelisation is better tho. 7/10

Black Orchid is COMFY AF. Some impatient brain-dead fuckers are like "BOOOO, where are the monsters? What is this crap?", but us sane rational minded people at /who/ appreciate this story for what it is. It's just got a fun charming atmosphere to it. See, even Tegan's having fun for once. Why don't you take a page from her book and lighten the fuck up?! 10/10

Earthshock is great. Not the flawless classic it's made out to be, but it's a great reintroduction to the Cybermen and the last time they'd be great on TV for about... forever. David Banks is bae <3. Not to mention, Adric's death is legitimately effective, which is absolutely amazing considering what an unlikable brat he was. GOAT soundtrack and atmospheric filming too, and part one is actually really creepy. 8/10

Time-Flight is pretty much filler to pad out the rest of the season. In short, it's dull, it's hideous, and it makes no sense. 2/10

In conclusion, an alright opening to the Davison era. It is guilty of the heinous crime of taking a fairly acceptable character and turning him into a brattish boffin, but they killed him off quickly enough, so I'll forgive this season. Shame it's not canon. 7/10

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