Season 18

Series -8
"Kill me."
"Kill me."
About Time
Began 30 August 1980
Ended 21 March 1981
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Season Gay-teen was the final string of stories that concluded the Fourth Doctor era. If the previous sentence didn't fucking give it away, it was Tom Baker's seventh and final season in the role; he would however later reprise the role for the Big Finish audios, The Day of the Doctor and shit. Lalla Ward returns as the Sexy Romana (no awkward off-screen between-season regeneration to replace an unwilling actor here, folks!) as does John Leeson as K-9. They were however phoning it in this time like they really didn't wanna be there, and it's not hard to see why with the arrival of Matthew Waterhouse as Adric. Romana and K9 deliberately sealed themselves in a pocket universe, with the Fourth Doctor committing seppuku, just to get away from him. Also there were two bland bitches there by the final story. Dunno why.

This season was a huge change from the previous few, as the comfy and witty lighthearted tone of the Graham Williams era was replaced by the more sci-fi orientated edge of new showruiner John Nathan-Turner. A lot of aspects of the show were changed, the three most notable being that the title sequence was updated to an 80s star-field sequence, the theme tune was completely different and upped a couple of pitches, and the Doctor's previously good-looking multicoloured costume was changed to look like a walking red eyesore.

Serials of Season 18

Episode Title Written By Description
The Leisure Hive David Fisher Some sterile inhabitants of a war-torn alien planet are secretly using a rejuvenation chamber to become younger, and one of them hates all aliens to the point where he wants to clone himself into an army to wage war against those his species fought against as well as the rest of the universe. Also, the Doctor goes old.
Meglos John Flanagan & Andrew McCulloch The one where the villain is a cactus. Not really that deep tbh.
Full Circle Andrew Smith The Sexy Romana gets in a strop because she's been called to come back to Gallifrey, but she wants to continue having wild kinky sex with senpai Tom Baker (who wouldn't?). Fortunately for her, the TARDIS flies through a gateway to a pocket universe and they can't get back. They land on a swamp planet and are burdened by the arrival of Adric.
State of Decay Terrance Dicks A terrifyingly ill-looking Fourth Doctor and his companions uncover the spoopy truth that the last of the Great Vampires, a dangerous species who once waged war against the Time Lords, resides in the pocket universe that they're stuck in and they gotta stop him.
Warriors' Gate Stephen Gallagher Finding an exit from the pocket universe, the TARDIS team find some furries and the bastard crew of a spaceship bickering about shit and Romana decides to stay with them because reasons.
The Keeper of Traken Johnny Byrne The Mattress is still alive! He wants to assume the position of the Keeper of Traken as that will aid him in attaining a new body at last. At the end of the story he glides into the body of Anthony Ainley and becomes him.
Logopolis Christopher H. Bidmead Basically, imagine The End of Time without the melodrama. And good.


People generally don't fuckin' care about this season of Tom Baker; after all, it ain't GOAT gothic Philip Hinchcliffe horror, and it ain't comfy Graham Williams wit, so therefore it's shit. Well, a little bit. There is some overlooked GOATNESS here.

The Leisure Hive is pretty decent, nothing essential. There are some moments in the story which are simultaneously hilarious and terrifying like the cliff-hanger to episode one, not to mention when K9 blows up. Episode one though is really goddamn slow, and the Doctor doesn't even do anything in the plot until part two. Once he does get involved though the story becomes GOAT-lite, and the rest of the story just flies by. The ending sees the Doctor say "fuck you" to the Randomizer that had kept the Black Guardian at bay for so long and he goes off on new merry adventures now being perpetually stalked by a being that could unwrite him out of existence if he could. BRAVO DOC. 7/10

Meglos is GOAT, I don't care what you say. Yeah the villain is a cactus, so what? If people accepted Simon Pegg and a giant ceiling pimple, then they can damn well accept this too. Also Babwa is back, only not. 7/10

Hey, you know how in 2011 and 2012 they let kids write for Doctor Who? Yeah well before those dark dark times, they let a 17 year old write a story and it turned out GOAT. Seriously, Full Circle is underrated. Sure there's that group of poorly acted teenagers, but hey at least it ain't In the Forest of the Night. 8/10

State of Decay is even more GOAT goodness. Apparently it was a leftover script from the Williams era, but you wouldn't be able to tell because it feels like it belongs more with Hinchcliffe. If you liked the tone of The Brain of Morbius you'll be in your element with this one. 9/10

Gee, so many great stories. I bet you're wondering if there's any trash here at all? Well... Warriors' Gate is a rancid pile of dog crap. There's no being kind to this. Stephen Gallagher can't write, and the fact that they brought him back after this and he penned something even worse rings dozens of alarm bells. The plot makes no damn sense, and Romana and K9 get a, to put it bluntly, shite exit. 3/10

The remainder of the season thankfully makes up for that colossal failure, though The Keeper of Traken does drag a fair bit. Geoffrey Beavers and Anthony Ainley prove that they are masters at playing... well, you know who, and the Traken Union seems like a rather pleasant place There's some shit involving the Master's TARDIS looking like a statue which Nyssa's stepmother grew up worshipping, presented in a rather fairytale-esque way which may put NuWhovians in the mindset of Amelia Pond. It's also the introduction of Nyssa. Duh. 7/10

Logopolis is the grand finale of the season and Tom Baker's era as a whole, and it's GOAT-ish. It has a decent threat and the cast do that acting thing really well. The final result doesn't feel all that spectacular though, probably because most of Tom Baker's previous season finales were six parts long and this was just four, leaving a feeling of irrational incompleteness there. Ah well, good for what it is. The regeneration sequence... Oh man, the feels ;-; 8/10

So, Season 18? Yeah it good. I mean it gets shunned a lot, but hey at least it ain't Season 20. Or Series 2. Or Series 6. Or Series 7. Or Series 9. 7/10

Wanna know a funny thing about this season? Adric was actually tolerable in it. You read that correctly. Adric was a tolerable, not great but tolerable, character until Four to Doomsday. Then they turned him into an asshole that you wanted to kill, and nearly the end of season 19, that's exactly what they did.

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