Season 14

Series -12
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Yahoo Serious splits the beer atom.
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Began 4 September 1976
Ended 2 April 1977
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The Deadly Season 14 of Fear was the swansong of the Hinchcliffe-Holmes First Golden Age of spooky titles.

Tommy Baxter's Scarf Doctor dumps Lizard Slayer's Sara Lee, tries to do a bit of solo adventuring, and ends up with Lola Bunny's Turanga Leela.

The Face of Evil, starting in January after a break and featuring a new companion, was actually marketed as the start of Season 15, but less than a year later, Graham Williams forgot about that, and so did everyone else. You could call it a Moffat-style 14B or 14.5 or something if you want, but most people just consider the whole season 14 one regular season.

Goodbye, my sweet prince ;_;

Serials of Season 14

Episode Title Written By Description
The Masque of Mandragora Louis Marks The Doctor tries out his Bonus Console Room, finally explains why everyone in the universe seems to speak English, visits Renaissance Italy, BTFOs astrology, does some sword fighting, and sets up for a sequel episode set in the 1990s that never happens.
The Hand of Fear Bob Baker & Dave Martin Eldrad gropes Sandra Dee with her hand of fear, and then enters her body, and uses it to eat some nuclear energy. Then it turns out that Eldrad's people killed themselves just to make sure Eldrad never ruled them again, and also he's a man now, so they have to trip him to death with the Doctor's scarf. The Doctor then gets a summons to Gallifrey, and humans aren't allowed there (except for Leela, and Clara, and everyone from The Five Doctors, and all the other companions that went there in the novels), so he ditches Sally Mae in Scotland.
The Deadly Assassin Robert Holmes Finally, Gallifrey! Or at least Gallifree. Plus the Mattress (now all crispy because of that car accident in Turkey), Goth, the Matrix, the Eye of Harmony, the 12-regeneration limit, the X of Rassilon... there's enough Deep Lore here to give Marc Platt and Lawrence Miles simultaneous orgasms.
The Face of Evil Chris Boucher Savages vs. psi-powered techies fighting over access to a god who's actually an evil computer who's actually the Doctor, what could be better? Besides one of those savages being Leela, of course. At the end, she carjacks the TARDIS and becomes the new companion.
The Robots of Death Chris Boucher A sandminer is mining spice on Dune, but there's a bunch of robots, and it turns into an Agatha Christie mystery.
The Talons of Weng-Chiang Robert Holmes Holmes' most famous double act, a merchant and a professional gentleman from Victorian England, help the Doctor and Leela defeat a refugee from more Deep Lore and a ridiculous-looking giant rat.


The Masque of Mandragora is kind of forgettable, but only because of the season it's in. It's still maximum comfy. 8/10

The Hand of Fear is worth watching just for Elisabeth Sladen's performance, but that ending pushes it over the top into brilliant. 9/10

The Deadly Assassin does drag a bit in the middle, but it's still a great story. And you can't mark off points for The Invasion of Time and all the future Mattress stories and all the obsessive crap the novels and NuWho did with the Time Lords; Holmes just collected his checks and didn't watch any of that shit. 9/10

The Face of Evil starts off great, but kind of falls apart toward the end. Still good fun watching the beginning of Leela kills everything and doesn't afraid of anyone. 7/10

The Robots of Death is comfy and GOAT, and the only person who doesn't think so is Tom Baker, and he was drunk at the time. 10/10

The Talons of Weng-Chiang is ridiculous if you think about it, and only fails to look racist because it's drowned out by all-encompassing misanthropy, but who cares when the story is this good. The only reason anyone could not love it is if they can't handle the giant rat, and if that's you, why are you watching Classic Who in the first place, dumbass? 9/10

The most consistently solid season in the history of the show, and it manages to pull off a pretty consistent atmosphere without getting tedious or repetitive. Even the worst episode (probably episode 3 of Face of Evil) is still more than watchable. There's a reason this is called the Golden Age, and it's not just because of Tom Baker's jaundicy golden skin tone. 9/10

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