Season 13

Series -13
Tom imitating Tennant Face
Tom imitating Tennant Face
About Time
Began 30 August 1975
Ended 6 March 1976
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You'd think with 13 being an unlucky number that Season 13 (or Series -13 to put more emphasis on 13 if you're that autistic) would've turned out to be the biggest pile of crap to ever come out of this franchise, but on the contrary; it turned out to be one of the GOATEST, if not THE GOATEST season of RockaDocDock ever made, with hardcore modern fans and elderly pensioners present at the time of broadcast generally agreeing that it was the show's golden age. This all occurred because Philip Hinchcliffe and Robert Holmes attended a seance to make contact with the great Billy "whip the coloured scum" Hartnell who had recently taken up the hobby of not breathing and requested that he hold back the dreaded unlucky 13 curse for another 10 seasons were talented mothafuckas who knew how to make the show not suck for once.

Continuing on from last season is Tom Mothafucking Baker as Romana's personal vagina plower and Elesbian Slayin' Bitches as the girl. Also Ian Marter is briefly back as Harry before fucking off, and Niclaus Cuntney makes his last appearance as the The Runaway Brig until that time when Peter Grimwade fucked UNIT continuity up the ass.

Serials of Season 13

Episode Title Written By Description
Terror of the Zygons Robert Banks Stewart Briggs summons Doktah, Sarah and Larry to Scotch Eggs, and together they discover a bunch of Zygons hiding around Loch Ness. And in case it wasn't obvious, this leads to the reveal that they are in fact responsible for THE. LOCHNESS. MONSTER... Seriously? Then they go to London at the end because... parliament?
Planet of Evil Louis Marks The Pedo and Sairuhh land on a planet that serves as a barrier between our world and Omega's an antimatter one, and there's an antimatter creature who's triggered because some expedition is stealing its jewels, and so it goes around killing and possessing people. Basically if you're a NuWho scrub, imagine 42 but a bit more... um... no actually, literally just imagine 42.
Pyramids of Mars ? Egyptian Gods are real, and Sutekh has been a prisoner under a pyramid in Egypt and/or on Mars for millennia, but now he will be freed with the help of some titted robot mummies and a dead old guy. Realising the situation is deadly serious this time (more so than it's ever been, apparently), Four and Sarah unleash their inner badass selves, with the Doctor restricting all one liners and jokes and being full on sincere, and Miss Smith taking a rifle and blowing a ship up with it... Yeah, fuck y'all who rank Ten/Rose above these two.
The Android Invasion Terry Nation There's a duplicate version of some Earth town on an alien planet somewhere, and it's filled with androids. They try to keep it a surprise but the title kinda makes it redundant, but I digress. Then it's revealed that the aliens responsible for the androids want to head to the real Earth to replace everyone with androids for some reason that I can't really remember.
The Brain of Morbius ? On the planet Corn, a mad scientist is plagiarising Frankenstein to resurrect the most evil Time Lord of all... Hitler! Morbius! While Tom Mothafucking Baker is busy being tied to bonfires by bitches in red savage nun costumes, Sarey Wayne has her eyes plucked out and is stumbling across mountains while being chased by a fishtank-headed crab. Also, Condom.
The Seeds of Doom Robert Banks Stewart So if you're a NuWho scrub, surely you'll be familiar with the worst episode ever made; In the Forest of the Shite? Yeah well, imagine that story but good. Like, with actual tension and decent characters, and with a Doctor/companion pairing that doesn't make you want to shoot yourself in the face. Also, Krynoids > Fots anyday.


There's no point in me even going in-depth here, because literally every story is GOAT. Four and Sarah are on top form, and with the exception of Planet of Evil (which is like a 7/10), every story is either a 9 or 10. BRAVO HINCHCLIFFE. Shame it's all downhill from here. 9/10

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