Season 12

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>tfw you'll only be remembered for Who and nothing else.
>tfw you'll only be remembered for Who and nothing else.
About Time
Began 28 December 1974
Ended 10 May 1975
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Season 12 was notable for being the conclusion of the Barry Letts Era and the beginning of Philip Hinchcliffe's, not to mention the introduction of Tom mothafuckin Baker as the 420th Doctor. Also, Harry. Ya can't go wrong with Harry.

Lizzy Sladen continues her role as Mary Jane Sith, and the Brig's there at the start.

Also home to the most famous episode ever, the introduction of Dave Ross, and the return of the Cybergents for the first time since the 60s.

This is probably like the only Classic season where we don't see the interior of the TARDIS (unless you count Season 7, where we don't actually see the interior, but we do see the console).

Serials of Season 12

Episode Title Written By Description
Robot Terrance Dicks Sarah gets cast in an adaptation of King Kong featuring a giant robot. The Doctor, having just regenerated, is naturally confused and thinks that the robot is actually kidnapping Sarah, and so he throws a bucket of rust on it and it dies. The Doctor revels in this because it turns out the robot trod on his favourite dandelion.
The Ark in Space Robert Holmes The Doctor, Sarah and Harry go to a spacestation where humanity is hibernating, and there are some giant space bugs who want to impregnate them with baby space bugs.
The Sontaran Experiment Bob Baker & Dave Martin Unsatisfying shit.
Genesis of the Daleks Terry Nation The Time Lords are shitting bricks over the Daleks, so they send the Doctor back in time to either avert or change their creation so that they are either nonexistent or bezzie m8s with other species.
Revenge of the Cybermen Gerry Davis The TARDIS crew return to that spaceship from four stories ago where the Cybermen are wanting to blow up a gold-encrusted moon of Jupiter because they're allergic to it.


I ain't seen Robot in years, but from what I remember... S'ok, I guess? The cast is good and the plot is functional, and the production values are soooooooooo 70s - dat tank doe. Inoffensive. 5/10

Despite some aspects of the production having noticeably aged poorly since broadcast, The Ark in Space is still pretty GOAT. It's got a very creepy still atmosphere to it, especially in the first two episodes. Harry's especially charming in this, with his mannerisms and idiosyncrasies hilariously causing confusion among the very literal minded Ark inhabitants. Tom's good as usual. Not Sarah's strongest story, but there is that nice part where the Doctor encourages her to climb through the vent by insulting her. Also, the show doesn't get better than Four and Harry hiding under a table and crawling about on the floor to hide from a laser. 9/10

The Sontaran Experiment is not worth thinking about. It's dull dogcrap. 1/10

Genesis of the Daleks is widely considered to be THE BEST Classic Who story, and deservedly so because it's based af. Michael Wisher plays Davros and makes pussies drip with what a good job he did, Nyder is GOAT, there are some rightly iconic scenes between Four and Davros/Sarah, the atmosphere and location shots are top notch, and of course the best enemy in Doctor Who ever... the Clams. Go watch or the clams will crush your foot. 10/10

Revenge of the Cybermen unfortunately finishes up the series with a boring shitfest. The Cybermen look great, as do their action scenes filmed in Wookey Hole Caves, and the part where Sarah gets attacked by a Cybermat is pretty spoopy, but everything else kinda sucks. Kevin Stoney's in it but he's not even memorable like he was as MAVIC CHEN, GUARDIAN OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM and Vaughn. There are these stupid-looking Easter Island head alien things who are arguing about shit I can barely remember... Ugh, AVOID. 2/10

There's a couple gems here, but sadly it probably is the weakest season of Tom Baker's era. Things only get much, much better from here though. 5/10

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