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You can tell he's just itching to beat a cave man's brains out.
You can tell he's just itching to beat a cave man's brains out.
About Time
Began 23 November 1963
Ended 12 September 1964
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nothing, retard Season 2

Season 1 of Doctor Wew kicked off this whole autistic spergfest we now have today.

It (obviously) featured the debuts of basic based characters such as William "Hmm?" Hartnell as The Doctor, William "Enoch" Russell as Ian Chiggertoe, Jacqueline Hill as Barbara re-Wrighting history and Carole Ann Ford as Susan "screaming like she's orgasming" Forgone.

Even more obviously, this season was the debut of concepts like the TARDIS and the Daleks.

Serials of Season 1

Episode Title Written by Description
An Unearthly Child Anthony Coburn In this earth shattering world premiere event, a crotchety man who broke out of the old folks home with the help of his granddaughter kidnaps two schoolteachers, flits them away to 100,000 BC, and forces them to watch as he mercilessy beats in the heads of cavemen.
The Daleks Terry Nation The intrepid TARDIS team meet screaming metal nazis on an alien planet, who don't really seem to know much about their own biology. The novelisation of this story is fucking based, as it's told entirely from the viewpoint of Chesterbuns.
The Edge of Destruction David Whitaker Spooky scary things happen aboard the TARDIS, and the Doctor can't help but point fingers at everyone but himself. Spoiler: the TARDIS is sentient.
Marco Polo John Lucarotti The Doctor finally takes a fucking chill pill. Probably because he was forced to walk from one end of China to the other.
The Keys of Marinus Terry Nation The Legend of Zelda, but Doctor Who. Go to this dungeon, get the item, beat the boss, rinse and repeat.
The Aztecs John Lucarotti Barbara fucks it all up for literally everyone involved, and learns a valuable lesson about minding ones own goddamn business.
The Sensorites Peter R. Newman Ahhh, fuck. What happened in this one? First they were on a spaceship, and then in a city, and then in the water treatment plant? And something about stranded humans in said water treatment plant? And some dumb political struggle subplot? Jesus it was so slow I can't even remember what happened.
The Reign of Terror Dennis Spooner The TARDIS team meet Napoleon and Robespierre. And the Doctor's double. Pretty good as far as finale's go.

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In all honesty, Season 1 is pretty mediocre when it's all said and done. However, it's always worth a watch to see the (quite) humble beginnings of - what is today - a great and bountiful empire that spans every medium of storytelling available to man. Season 1 also has an air of intrigue about it that no other season of Who can boast, because everyone - the cast, the crew, the audience - were all getting used to and establishing the universe. There was no formula or previous examples to follow, and so Season 1 feels strange and startling and new in a way anything following can't replicate.

However, the aforementioned elements also add an element of suffering to the show as well. At times, it is quite clear that the future of the show was really uncertain at this point in time (for example, the whole of TEoD feels unsteady and rushed, because the producers weren't quite sure if they would be picked up for a full season; another good example is the ending to TRoT; the series could have ended right there, with very few unanswered questions and zero cliffhangers to resolve). It has the feeling of breaking in about it, like when you buy a brand new pair of shoes and just aren't quite comfortable in them for the first week or so.

Anywho (ha!), if you watch nothing else, watch An Unearthly Child. If you don't/haven't, you aren't a real fan. This story is pretty fast paced for early Who, and is meant as a hook to watch the rest of the season. It features Screaming Susan (who'll you come to hate and then, 50 years later, beg for her to return), William "I'll bash your fucking head in with a rock" Hartnell, and Ian "I take shit from no one" Chatterbuns in top form. 7/10

This autism inspiring premiere is followed by one that is equally autism inspiring: The Daleks. Should you watch this? Yes, because it's the first Dalek story ever (and that's not saying much, as most of the Dalek elements featured here are retconned by the next season) and if you don't watch it you aren't a true fan. Objectively speaking though, it's really rather dull after The Survivors as the pacing hits abominably slow standards. In fact, two later episodes are Chuggington wandering around a poorly lit cave while the Doctor and Susan get captured by the Daleks for like the fifty-seventh time. And the resolution feels pretty rushed as well; it's as if Terry dragged the story out to meet length requirements, fell asleep because he got bored with his own writing, and then woke up only to discover that he needed to write and ending like ten minutes ago. 6/10

The Edge of Destruction is literally Filler: The Serial. A loud bang rocks the TARDIS and turns it evil or something like that. It's kind of interesting for the sole reason that you aren't really sure about the nature of the TARDIS yet (and it's quite clear that the Doctor isn't either). The pacing is okay because it's only two episodes as opposed to, like, six. 6/10

Marco Polo. Ahhhhh, the lost gem of Season 1. Or so everyone says. If I'm being honest, I found this a bit dull. It would probably be pretty entertaining if even one or two episodes had survived, but alas, Ian gave the only surviving copies to Colin, who mistook them for pies and proceeded to eat each and every one of them. But in all seriousness, this is one of the few stories that has Susan do something outside of scream and cry. It's nice to see her actually develop a little bit of character here. Outside of that, it's just a lot of walking. Lots and lots of walking. 5/10

Many people dislike The Keys of Marinus because of it's fetch quest plot arc, but I for one thought it was pretty cool and liked seeing all of the different ecosystems present on one planet. Each character had something to do, and the pacing was pretty nice. It also features the debut of the Voord, who turn out to be pretty fucking based in the comics. 7/10

The Aztecs features the debut of the "You can't change history! Not one line!" meme that we all love. This is another example of the producers being more than a little unsure of the shows future, and so they weren't sure what rules to establish and what to leave open. Anyways, Barbara takes center stage for once, and like women usually do, she fucks up a perfectly good society and nearly gets herself and those she loves killed. BRAVO LAMBERT In all seriousness it's pretty good and often tops the list of best First Doctor stories. 9/10

The Sensorites suffers from such bad pacing I considered doing herion to get me through it, but didn't. It's not a bad story, it's just incredibly fucking slow. However, it is one of those few stories where Susan actually serves a purpose, and introduces the idea that Time Lords are gifted telepaths (even though nobody knew what the fuck a Time Lord was at this point). The Sensorites get a quick reference in Planet of the Ood. 5/10

And so we come to the finale. The Reign of Terror is actually pretty cool. Plenty of political intrigue, nice pacing, pretty cool if you ask me. It also features the debut of the Double Doctor plot device, which is fucking awful fucking awesome okay if used properly, which it is here. It's a nice ending, and does make you wanna see what comes next for the original TARDIS team. 8/10

All in all I'd give the season a 7/10. It's a nice introduction, if a bit wobbly and unsure of itself at times.

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