Russell T. Davies

Russell T. Davies
Zhang RTD.jpg
Personal info
Born 27 April 1963

Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales

Spouse Andrew Smith
Offspring Shitty sci-fi/soap opera called Doctor Who
As Showruiner
Era 2005 - 2010

Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4 & Series 4 Specials

Style Romance, Deus Ex Machina
Worst Decision Farts, Steven Moffat, Homosexuality, Not killing himself
You've just been erased.
Series 9 opening titles.
Rusty Trombone wasn't always a writer, you know...
Time of the RTD.
Moffat (left) sacrificing the outgoing showruiner Davies (right) in the long-running tradition of all BBC productions to ensure the good graces of the television gods for next season.
RTD's face when the Sex Storm is unleashed.
RTD & his current hubby.

Rustle The Davies (also known as Slick Willy) was the showruiner and head writer of Doctor Who from 2005 - 2009.

He did a lot of stupid shit, but he also got Doctor Who back on the air. Then again, bringing back Doctor Who is pretty stupid if you ask certain people.


He is a known predatory homosexual and a massive cunt with no originality. Officially worse than Steven Moffat. He raped Eccleston.

Known for his catchphrase Quel Dommage Davros, he is frequently spotted onset filming minisodes which never get released (all of which are believed to be gay porn starring John Barrowman.)

Russell's fans are known on /who/ as RTD chads.

The RTD Streak

RTD is well known for writing streak after streak of horrible episodes. Only a small list of episodes are worth watching. Here's the list.

Series 1

Series 2

He didn't write anything good this season.

Series 3

Series 4

Series 4 Specials

The rest of his episodes are trash or so mediocre you won't even remember you watched them.

His longest streaks are a whopping 6 episodes in a row in S1 and S2.

Everything Shit Rusty has Done

  • Saved Briggs Finish from being shut down by the BBC
  • Brought back Doctor Who (what a cunt)
  • forced 10/Rose Romance
  • Retconning the Masters backstory down to "LOL DRUMS" and trying to turn him into a sympathetic character
  • 10th Doctor saying he "forgives" him and telling how "beautiful" he could be and offers him to travel in the TARDIS forever with him
  • Rose not developing at all as a character and still fawning over the doctor even after years away in the alternate universe
  • Creating a sex clone of the doctor to pawn off to rose so they can have a happy ending
  • I'M HUNGRY *riverdances*

He's Gay.

If you didn't already know, that is. He's gay. I mean, its a big pretty shocker. All the gay stuff in Doctor Who is SOOO SUBTLE. Especially Torchwood, it just blinks right past you. You never notice it. I for one was shocked, I couldn't believe he was gay. Anyways, he's gay, if you didn't already know. He's gay. Russell T. Davies is gay. He's a homosexual.

Before Who

Davies wrote a Doctor Who novel about David Tyler who lived on a council estate with his single mother and got mixed up with alien vampires.

Meanwhile, Davies was making a name for himself in TV, creating shows in every genre from daytime soaps to soap-like prime-time dramas. Revelations was a soap opera about Ruth Tyler who lived on a council estate with her single mother and got mixed up with lesbian vicars. Queer as Folk was about a gay man named Vince Tyler who lived on a council estate with his single mother and got mixed up with Doctor Who fandom.

Mine All Mine was about Big Clare Tyler who lived in Wales with her single mother and got mixed up with a guy who technically owned the whole city. The Second Coming was about Johnny Tyler who lived on a council estate with his single mother and got mixed up with Christopher Eccleston as Jesus. Bob & Rose was about a gay man falling in love with a blonde named Rose.

Davies finally gave up on recreating Doctor Who as a soap opera about Christopher Eccleston as Jesus, blonde Rose Tyler who lived on a council estate with her single mother and got mixed up with living rubbish bins, and the man who would join them and fall for Rose despite being gay. Instead, he made Casanova, about every woman in the world loving David Tennant and him being so sorry about it, so so sorry, and finally regenerating into Peter O'Toole.

But then, the BBC decided that the only way to stop Mark Gatiss from pitching a new way to revive Doctor Who every week was to have someone else revive it, so Davies had his chance.

After Who

Davies was murdered in 2010 by Steven Moffat. His body has never been found. He will not be missed, neither will the banana he shoved up each and every orifice of David Tennant.

He currently can be found signing his Target novelisation of Rose, chiefly as "I'm RTD!".

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