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Reeltime Pictures is the name Keith Barnfather uses for his basement, when he's not using it to sire barns. After doing a fuckton of documentaries, he invented the idea of doing "legitimate" "professional" direct-to-VHS Doctor Who spinoff "movies" by licensing minor characters or aliens from the show, which is the reason we have shit like the Lethbridge-Stewart novel series today.

In 2015, he changed the company's name to Time Travel TV and reissued a bunch of the old videos in digital form, but then released some new videos as Reeltime again, which would confuse people if anyone still cared.


  • Wartime (by Andy Lane): Benton has flashbacks about his dad, who's Michael Wisher, but nothing actually happens. The production values make JNT-era Who (which was still on the air) look like Star Wars. Nicholas Briggs appears. The special edition adds the Brig literally phoning it in.
  • Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans (by Terrance Dicks): They had the rights to the Sontarans, but not the rights to the visual design, so they look kind of like Kryten if he got a bit melted. Carole Ann Ford, Sophie Aldred, Michael Wisher work for Cally and Travis from Blake's 7 and have to fight the not-Sontarans. Better story, better direction, better production values; this one isn't terrible.
  • Downtime (by Marc Platt): Sarah Jane and Victoria in their MILF incarnations, the Brig, and Kate Lethbridge-Stewart (yes, that means this story would be canon is any of S7-S9 were canon) in a story about the Great Intelligence. So yeah, you've pretty much seen all of that in NuWho, but not with Platt writing and Christopher Barry directing. Not bad. But it's all downhill from here.
  • The Mindgame Saga (by Terrance Dicks, Miles Richardson, and Roger Stevens): One movie and a sort of anthology sequel. Sophie Aldred as Space Bitch Ace gets kidnapped by aliens along with a Sontaran and a Draconian to do a 3-way version of the Kirk vs. Gorn fight. Then they escape and have a sequel where they die. A step down again, but not terrible.
  • Daemos Rising (by David J. Howe): Kate Lethbridge-Stewart against a Daemon, with an exit-UNIT soldier who's not Mike Yates but did turn traitor and Buddhist and then decided to reuse the Victoria plot from Downtime. Dull.
  • White Witch of Devil's End (by 6 people you've never heard of): Every wonder what happened to the witch lady from The Daemons? No? Didn't think so.
  • Anomaly (by Matt Fitton): Non-Redgrave Kate somehow still exists only to die and get replaced by her son Gordon Gordy Lethbridge-Stewart. Is also a sequel to The Time Monster for some reason? Whatever. The mere fact that Reeltime is still making these in 2018 is dumb enough.


  • Myth Runner: Nicholas Briggs as a Bladerunner parody who tracks down Doctor Who actors instead of replicants. The joke goes on too long, but if you think you'd enjoy seeing all your favourite Who actors having a bit of fun with Nick, you probably will.
  • The Corridor Sketch: William Hartnell filming the start of Doctor Who. A couple good jokes, and it's only 6 minutes long.
  • Lust in Space: A silly look into whether Doctor Who is sexist. Used to be pretty famous in fandom, but mostly forgotten nowadays.


  • Myth Makers: Nicholas Briggs tracks down everyone who was ever involved in Doctor Who, from Jon Pertwee to the guys from Marvel UK, and keeps asking questions until the tape runs out or they fall asleep. They're still releasing these, and I think they're up to #69102 or so.
  • PanoptiCon: Interviews with whichever celebrity guest show up at the convention.
  • At least a dozen or two other standalones.


Well, they've had t. dicks and "Marcy" Marc Platt so they must be canon. But they've never had le Davois or the Grand Moff, so they can't be canon. So they're about as canon as Big Finish Productions. Except they've never had Crazy 8 or Grand dad so they're more canon than Big Finish.

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