So you see, I'm not gonna let you stop me now!

Me, upon hitting the publish button.
The look in his eyes. You just know.
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According to the Seventh Doctor, Rape an act of sex engaged without consent. Rape is bad.

A History of Rape

Oh god I don't want to write this. Jimmy Savile. There, are you happy?

Oh, Bruno Langley too.


"Not allowed? Me? I'm allowed everywhere!"
Puzzled and repelled, Hakon released her. “What’s the matter with her?”
“She can’t stand to be touched,” said Peri.
“Why not?”
“She was gang-raped by some of your troops when the first wave landed.”
“Some girls have all the luck,” said Hakon.
"Do I look like an out of bounds kinda guy?.'
"No, no n... n-no, don't... don't do that... No really... don't..."