Potential Companions

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"The Doctor is a legend woven throughout history. When disaster comes, he's there. He brings the storm in his wake and he has one constant companion."
"Who's that?"

Potential Companions are various forms of spunky meat the Doctor commonly encounters, who are all destined for a terrible death, but the show decides to act like they may survive.


The potential companion, upon meeting the Doctor, feels drawn to his charm and intelligence, and seeks a place at his side. The Doctor, in return, usually feels quite interested in the potential companion as well. Though by no means a hard-and-fast rule, the chief detail that seperates a Potential Companion from a temporary companion is whether or not the Doctor had a companion going into the episode. If he did, they are almost certainly doomed.

Potential Companions (and their terrible fates)

  1. Cameca (aged to death in pre-colonial Mexico)
  2. Katarina (sucked into space)
    This poor lady never got to appear as a Potential Companion
  3. Bret Vyon (framed for treason and killed by his sister, who was to be next)
  4. Sara Kingdom (time-destructed)
  5. Samantha Briggs (was a northerner)
  6. Duggan (forced to go among French people)
  7. Ray (passed over in favor of Ace)
  8. Jelly (RIP ;_;)
  9. Cass (killed herself because she was a massive racist)
  10. Jabe (burned alive holding a lever down that could have just been weighed down to slow down a fan that the Doctor could walk through at full speed anyway)
  11. Adam Mitchell (a rare two-story example, kicked out and forced to become a hermit to hide his futuristic surgical alteration) A COMPANION TRUE
  12. Lynda-with-a-Y (sucked into the endless vaccuum of space by the Daleks)
  13. Madame de Pompadour (died at 42 of tuberculosis)
  14. That Linda Lot (Abzorbaloffed)
  15. Joan Redfern (lived through two world wars, maybe, journals stolen by her grand daughter and sold off for fame and money)
  16. Sally Sparrow (stayed with her dumb friend's brother/10 never called her back)
  17. The Master (shot by his wife, refused to regenerate, and forced to take part in some really undignified stuff)
  18. Astrid Peth (turned into space dust and thrown out the window for being too expensive to secure on a full series basis)
  19. Penny Carter (never got off the drawing board)
  20. Private Ross Jenkins (shot by Sontarans)
  21. Jenny Who (shot to clear up loose ends, then revived so the Doctor could stick it to his daughter)
  22. River Song (sorta)
  23. Davros (blown up whilst declaring the Doctor "the destroyer of worlds")
  24. Jackson Lake
  25. Amelia Pond (molested by a pedophile, brainwashed by psychiatrists, grew up to become a stripper)
  26. Canton Everett Delaware III (forced to live as a gay man in love with a black person in the late 60s, early 70s)
  27. The TARDIS Itself (locked back into a box from which it can no longer express itself in anyway, it has no mouth and it must scream)
  28. Rita (Praise him.)
  29. Oswin Oswald (converted into a Dalek, blown up with the rest of the asylum)
  30. Clara Oswin Oswald (fell off a cloud, which was totally lame, so they wouldn't need to write a Victorian companion)
  31. Handles (developed a fault, really let itself go)
  32. Barnable (most likely died in battle during the Siege of Trenzalore)
  33. The T-Rex (cremated alive for a single fiber of optic nerve)
  34. Journey Blue (probably exterminated not long after her adventure with the Doctor)
  35. Courtney Woods (forced to witness the episode Kill the Moon, eventually married professor Blinovitch and became president during the moon crisis, wait what)
  36. Osgood (popped like a balloon)
  37. Shona (forgave Dave for Christmas)
  38. O'Donnell (didn't want to stay in the TARDIS, got fridged for the sake of an uninteresting beta's non-development)
  39. Ashildr/Me (left to rot on earth for eternity so the Doctor wouldn't have to look at her weird face)
  40. Osgood again (stuck having to hang out with a creepy duplicate that still kinda wants to kill all humans)
  41. The Master again (killed herself twice)
  42. Grace, no not that one (The Woman Who Fell To Earth)