Philip Hinchcliffe

Philip Hinchcliffe
Philip Hinchcliffe-0.png
Personal info
Born 1 October 1944
Spouse Robert Holmes
Offspring Unknown
As Showruiner
Era 1974 - 1977
Style Golden Age
Worst Decision Leaving Doctor Who
Top kek.

Philip Hinchcliffe was a producer who took over from Barry Letts at the start of Tom Baker's era and presided over the First Golden Age together with script editor Robert Holmes until he was banned from Doctor Who for killing Mary Whitehouse.

Hinchcliffe/Holmes era

The show became darker and more adult with a gothic atmosphere influenced by Hammer horror films. The horror influence is obvious in stories like Planet of EvilPyramids of MarsThe Brain of MorbiusThe Hand of Fear and The Talons of Weng-Chiang, all of which rip off "pay homage" to well known horror novels and movies.

Out with the old

Hinchcliffe didn't want to use characters and monsters from the series' past (the Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans only appeared once during his era, and those stories were already commissioned by Barry Letts). The Master and the Time Lords returned for The Deadly Assassin, but only at the suggestion of Bob Holmes (and they were portrayed very differently from their previous appearances). The Brigadier and UNIT were written out of the series. 


Hinchcliffe produced more episodes to achieve over 10 million viewers than any other producer in the series' history. Moffat and RTD wish they were him.

He's, on the most part, the most popular Classic Who producer, especially for younger generations and especially on the international front. However, Baby Boomer-aged British fans are often liable to hate him primarily because The Deadly Assassin ruined their headcanon by making the Time Lords not perfect gods, but easily trumped gods, which ironically was well-recieved by fans of other generations and other shores, and because, if RTD's run is any clue, they seem to believe that children should never face any legitimately scary monsters, but should totally learn that some guys like to have it done by a mouth on a slab, and these fans will incessently express their distaste for Hinchcliffe in the most petulant and childish ways possible. Now all fans have a right to their opinion, but no fans have the right to act like such huge fucking children over a British family show about it without this wiki making fun of them for acting like such huge fucking children over a British family show, which is exactly what is happening.

Secret to his success

A taste for horror, Tom Baker, Sarah Jane, a scantily-clad Leela, no Adric - but mostly Bob Holmes as his script editor. Hinchcliffe admits he frequently chucked out other writer's scripts and always managed to talk Bob Holmes into doing a complete rewrite from scratch. This makes sense because his largely solo-made Big Finish series had room for improvement, whereas seven of the stories he produced with Holmes as script-editor were God-tier, and one was the true highlight of the Golden Age of this series.


Phil appeared in The Brain of Morbius as one of the Morbius Doctors, and thus is not canon.

Phil and Derrick Sherwin are the only producers of the classic series still alive.